Week of 8/28

Welcome Back to School! I am so excited that I welcomed 22 new 5th grade students into my classroom last week! We have been very busy!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week….

Remember: No School this Friday 9/1 and Monday 9/4 (Labor Day Weekend)

In Math…we will be identifying numbers through millions (learning how to identify the value of each number) and converting numbers in standard, expanded, and word form. We will learn how to compare numbers through millions and convert decimals. We will also learn how to read and write decimals in standard, expanded, and word form at the end of the week. On Wednesday, we will have a quiz on the first three objectives in Chapter 1. (Reading and writing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form, comparing numbers through millions, and converting fractions into decimals (10, 100, 1000).

*Math homework will be given every night, except the day after a quiz or test and on Fridays. This week, I am offering extra credit spiral review every night. It is a preview of how our math homework is going to be set up for the rest of the year. A letter will be sent home explaining this early next week.

In Social Studies… we will begin our 13 colonies unit this week. We will learn about the early settlers, the pilgrims, and the regions of the 13 colonies. Students will read articles, view short video clips, and create projects that reflect these specific learning objectives.

In Spelling…I will be distributing spelling packets on Thursday this week. This will be our first spelling packet of the year. The packet will be due on Friday September 8th. Our spelling test for these words will also be on Friday September 8th. The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words.

Our spelling words (for next) week are….

smash, shift, scrap, does, measure, fond, flock, bandage, chest, stretch, dusk, dull, switch, drift, twist, trust, plaid, timid, threat, swept

In Reading…we will learn about  different book genres this week! We will review 13 different genres and go on a genre scavenger hunt. Our genre quiz will be on Tuesday. We will also go over what is included in “one good paragraph” and begin writing narrative writing samples. We will begin Story town Theme 1 “Rope Burn” on Wednesday. Our focus skill for this theme is identifying conflict/resolution. Our vocab words for this story are ….. humiliation, hesitating, fringes, expectations, coaxed, sincere. We will continue working on theme 1 next week as well.

In Grammar…we will learn what the four types of sentences are and how to identify subjects and predicates in sentences.


8/31-Kickoff Classic 6:45pm Comet Field

9/1- No School

9/4-No School


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