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The Week of 11/28…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! It was so nice spending a few days with family. I am, however excited to get back in the swing of things! Here is a picture of Jack, Mr. O’Donnell, and I on Thanksgiving this year. We spent the day at my sister’s house in Philadelphia!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math… we will continue with Chapter 6 this week. We will learn how to divide decimals by whole numbers, by other decimals, and divide by power of tens. We will have a quiz on Wednesday.

In Social Studies… I will begin Revolutionary War unit with Mrs. P’s kiddos this week. My homeroom students will pick up where they left off with science.

In ELA…we will finish Lesson 9 “Leonardo’s Horse” by reviewing the story. We will take our comprehension/focus skill assessment on Tuesday and finish up our Lesson 9 TDAs.  We will begin Lesson 10 on Wednesday this week “The Secret Ingredient”. This story is a Reader’s Theater. Students will be put into groups and practice reading fluency and expression. Students will eventually “perform” in front of the class by the end of the week. We will be introduced to a new set of vocabulary words as well this week.

In Spelling…Spelling Packets for Lesson 11 are due this Friday 12/1. (Can you believe it will be DECEMBER on Friday!?)  Our test will also be this 12/1.  The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words.

Our spelling words for this week are…..enemy, balance, basis, closet, decent, define, eleven, fanatic, honest, humor, minute, model, novel, ocean, pretend, private, radar, second, slogan, editor

In Guided Reading (NEW*)….this week we will begin guided reading groups at the end of each day. Students will be put into small reading groups and will be assigned reading assignments each week. Each student will have a different “job” that they need to complete. Once students complete their reading sections – we will meet as a group and go over the jobs each student had as well as the comprehension of the story. We will begin with the books- “Sounder” and “Island of the Blue Dolphin”.  Guided reading assignments will be done during class and not for homework (unless absent).

The (very short) Week of 11/20…

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! I am so thankful for my hardworking students! Remember, we have off Wednesday 11/22 to Monday 11/27 for Thanksgiving Break. This Monday and Tuesday are full days.

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

In Math…we wil be continuing with Chapter 6 (multiplying and dividing decimals) this week. We will learn how to estimate quotients of decimal and whole number multiplication problems. We will also work on problem solving by finding patterns. When we come back from break, we will gear up for a quiz on these concepts.

In Social Studies…we will be wrapping up our Revolutionary War Unit with a mini research project this week. Students will choose a person (from a list) who had a significant impact on the War and create a 5-7 slideshow presentation on this person. Students who finish early will then record themselves presenting their slideshow using an app called Kazaam. When we come back from break, my homeroom students will go to Mrs. Purzycki’s class for their Science Unit.

In ELA…we will take our vocab assessment for Lesson 9 “Leonardo’s Horse” on Monday. We will begin our text dependent analysis on this story as well on Monday. This will be the first graded TDA for the students.

In Spelling…Students will be given their Chapter 11 spelling packets on Tuesday of this week. These packets will not be due until Friday December 1st. Their test will also be on this date. The spelling list for lesson 11 is…enemy, balance, basis, closet, decent, define, eleven, fanatic, honest, humor, minute, model, novel, ocean, pretend, private, radar, second, slogan, editor. Please have your child visit  my spelling city page  to practice their words. 

*November Shine Time will be in the morning on Tuesday.

*We will have a Buddy Lesson with Mrs. Cornell’s class on Tuesday afternoon. We will be making “Thankful Hands” wreaths with our 2nd grade buddies.

The Week of 11/13…

It was so wonderful meeting with all of my student’s parents this week! Thank you for taking the time to come in on Wednesday. It is such a joy learning more about my students by meeting the people who care about them most!

*Although I love this fall weather, it has gotten a lot colder a lot sooner than expected. Please remind your child to wear a winter jacket to school. They will not be permitted to go outside without a jacket if the temps are in the 30s-40s.

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math… we will begin Chapter 6 this week. Students will estimate products of whole numbers and decimals. Students will multiply decimals by whole numbers and  multiply decimals by decimals. They will also multiply decimals by powers of ten this week and take a quiz on Thursday. On Friday, students will use Associative, Commutative, and Identity Properties to multiply mentally.


In Social Studies… we will finish our Revolutionary War Unit this week! On Monday, we will learn about Yorktown and how the British finally surrendered. Tuesday-Thursday will be devoted to review and we will have our unit assessment on Friday.

In ELA…we will finish Lesson 8 “When Washington Crossed the Delaware” with a readers theater. We will take our focus skill/comprehension assessment on Monday. On Tuesday, we will be introduced to Lesson 9 “Leonardo’s Horse”. Our focus skill will continue to be Sequencing and we will be introduced to new vocab words. We will be doing a timeline project with this story.

In Grammar…we will learn how to identify prepositions in sentences.

In Spelling…This is a review spelling week for lessons 6-9. Packets are due on 11/17 and our spelling test will be on 11/17.

Parent Teacher Conferences and School Climate Survey!

Hello Parents! I am so excited to meet with you all TOMORROW at our parent teacher conferences! A few thing to keep in mind…

Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Each conference is 15 minutes long.
  • You will be receiving your child’s report card at the end of the conference.
  • We will be discussing strengths, things to work on, reading/math DIBELS scores, basic fact scores, and any additional important information I feel is necessary to discuss in regards to your child’s academic growth.
  • If you have ANY concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to share during the conference time.
  • While waiting for your scheduled conference, please stop by our book fair located in our library!  It is AWESOME!
  • If I am running behind by a few minutes, please be patient…I will do my best to keep on schedule!

School Climate Survey

Research suggests that a positive school climate can support student success.  What is school climate? It is the quality and character of our school as experienced by you, a parent/caregiver and member of our community. So, Central Manor needs your help!
This Wednesday, November 8th, we will have refreshments in the office for you to enjoy while you are here for your parent/teacher conference.  While you’re enjoying your snacks, we are hoping you’ll take time to complete a brief 5 minute survey.  The survey format is completely anonymous.  The questions will be about your personal experiences as a Central Manor parent.  Please take time to stop by the office before or after your child’s conference.
If you’d prefer to take this brief survey at home, the link is below.
The invitation code you will use is: CLU03I     **(the last character is a capital i)**
Anyone who takes the survey, will be entered into a drawing.  Central Manor will be giving away 10 gift cards to Turkey Hill simply for participating.  If you complete the survey at home, please simply send in a brief note stating, “I completed the survey at home,” add your child’s name on the note, and have your child hand it in to the office.
The survey will be open until November 17, 2017.  Thank you so much.  We appreciate your help.