Parent Teacher Conferences and School Climate Survey!

Hello Parents! I am so excited to meet with you all TOMORROW at our parent teacher conferences! A few thing to keep in mind…

Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Each conference is 15 minutes long.
  • You will be receiving your child’s report card at the end of the conference.
  • We will be discussing strengths, things to work on, reading/math DIBELS scores, basic fact scores, and any additional important information I feel is necessary to discuss in regards to your child’s academic growth.
  • If you have ANY concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to share during the conference time.
  • While waiting for your scheduled conference, please stop by our book fair located in our library!  It is AWESOME!
  • If I am running behind by a few minutes, please be patient…I will do my best to keep on schedule!

School Climate Survey

Research suggests that a positive school climate can support student success.  What is school climate? It is the quality and character of our school as experienced by you, a parent/caregiver and member of our community. So, Central Manor needs your help!
This Wednesday, November 8th, we will have refreshments in the office for you to enjoy while you are here for your parent/teacher conference.  While you’re enjoying your snacks, we are hoping you’ll take time to complete a brief 5 minute survey.  The survey format is completely anonymous.  The questions will be about your personal experiences as a Central Manor parent.  Please take time to stop by the office before or after your child’s conference.
If you’d prefer to take this brief survey at home, the link is below.
The invitation code you will use is: CLU03I     **(the last character is a capital i)**
Anyone who takes the survey, will be entered into a drawing.  Central Manor will be giving away 10 gift cards to Turkey Hill simply for participating.  If you complete the survey at home, please simply send in a brief note stating, “I completed the survey at home,” add your child’s name on the note, and have your child hand it in to the office.
The survey will be open until November 17, 2017.  Thank you so much.  We appreciate your help.

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