The (very short) Week of 11/20…

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! I am so thankful for my hardworking students! Remember, we have off Wednesday 11/22 to Monday 11/27 for Thanksgiving Break. This Monday and Tuesday are full days.

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

In Math…we wil be continuing with Chapter 6 (multiplying and dividing decimals) this week. We will learn how to estimate quotients of decimal and whole number multiplication problems. We will also work on problem solving by finding patterns. When we come back from break, we will gear up for a quiz on these concepts.

In Social Studies…we will be wrapping up our Revolutionary War Unit with a mini research project this week. Students will choose a person (from a list) who had a significant impact on the War and create a 5-7 slideshow presentation on this person. Students who finish early will then record themselves presenting their slideshow using an app called Kazaam. When we come back from break, my homeroom students will go to Mrs. Purzycki’s class for their Science Unit.

In ELA…we will take our vocab assessment for Lesson 9 “Leonardo’s Horse” on Monday. We will begin our text dependent analysis on this story as well on Monday. This will be the first graded TDA for the students.

In Spelling…Students will be given their Chapter 11 spelling packets on Tuesday of this week. These packets will not be due until Friday December 1st. Their test will also be on this date. The spelling list for lesson 11 is…enemy, balance, basis, closet, decent, define, eleven, fanatic, honest, humor, minute, model, novel, ocean, pretend, private, radar, second, slogan, editor. Please have your child visit  my spelling city page  to practice their words. 

*November Shine Time will be in the morning on Tuesday.

*We will have a Buddy Lesson with Mrs. Cornell’s class on Tuesday afternoon. We will be making “Thankful Hands” wreaths with our 2nd grade buddies.

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