The Week of 1/22…

Can you believe we are halfway through the school year!? Now that marking period 3 has started, how many days until spring weather? 🙂

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

In Math… we will have one more day of review for our Chapter 8 Assessment then take the test on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will begin Chapter 9. This week, we will learn how to round fractions and add/subtract like fractions.

In Social Studies… this week we will learn all about the Constitution. The questions Who, What, Where, When, and Why will be answered about our nation’s government. We will specifically learn about the Preamble, the 3 branches of Government, and Articles 1-7 of the Constitution. We will have a our first quiz on Thursday. 

In ELA…we will finish “A Drop of Water” this week. We will end this story with our assessment on Wednesday. (We will also be doing a hands on fun science experiment that goes along with our story.)  On Thursday, we will begin a new TDA that is based off of a new reading passage.

In Grammar…No Grammar this Week!

In Spelling…Spelling Packets for Lesson 16 are due this Friday 1/26.  Our test will also be on 1/26.  The spelling words this week are….

  1. inactive
  2. inaccurate
  3. irregular
  4. irrelevant
  5. ineffective
  6. imbalance
  7. immature
  8. impatient
  9. imperfect
  10. impossible
  11. illegal
  12. illiterate
  13. illegible
  14. inaction
  15. independent
  16. invalid
  17. indefinite
  18. injustice
  19. irreplaceable
  20. impolite

Important Dates To Remember:

1/26- Morning Shine Time

2/2- Report Cards will be Sent Home! Please sign the yellow envelope and return it to school with your child! Thanks 🙂 

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