The Week of 1/29…

I cannot believe this week marks the end of January! This year is flying! On Friday- your child will be coming home with their marking period 2 report card. Please sign the yellow envelope and return to school. As always- email me with any questions/concerns ūüôā

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math… we will continue with Chapter 9 this week with a quiz on Monday to review lessons 1 through 5. We will also be  learning how to subtract unlike fractions, estimate sums and differences, add and subtract mixed numbers, subtract with renaming, and solve problems by determining reasonable answers. Lots to learn this week! We will have our Chapter 9 test next week (mid week).

In Social Studies… this week we will continue with our government unit by diving deep into the Bill of Rights!

In ELA‚Ķwe will finish our Lesson 14 TDAs this week and wrap up this story all together. We will move on to Lesson 16 “A School Story” and be introduced to a new set of vocab words and a new focus skill: Making Inferences. We will practice making inferences within texts throughout the week through a variety of activities.

In Grammar…we will learn all about pronouns this week!

In Spelling…Spelling Packets for Lesson 17 are due this Friday 2/2.  Our test will also be on 2/2.  Spelling words are getting harder and harder each week. Spelling packets may be getting more difficult as well. Packets of the definitions and examples of each spelling word are always available for your students to take home to help them complete their packets.  The spelling words this week are….

  1. accountant
  2. applicant
  3. attendant
  4. defiant
  5. volunteer
  6. expectant
  7. hesitant
  8. quadrant
  9. resistant
  10. servant
  11. dependent
  12. indulgent
  13. insistent
  14. urgent
  15. auctioneer
  16. accompanist
  17. artist
  18. cellist
  19. technician
  20. pioneer

Important Dates To Remember:

2/2- Report Cards will be Sent Home!¬†Please sign the yellow envelope and return it to school with your child! Thanks ūüôā¬†

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