The Week of 2/26…

We had so much fun last week discussing careers! On Wednesday, we had 12 different professionals come in, ranging from veterinarians to naturalists, discussing their careers and pathways to the students. We were able to meet Mr. Beaver, an insurance agent, Mr. Mellinger, a physicians assistant, Mrs. Books, a cruise line manager, and Mr. Riesinger, the Director of Technology for PMSD.  On Friday, we had “Kids at Work Day” where students dressed up as their future careers. What an important topic to discuss. It was a great week! Here is a picture of my class learning about Mrs. Book’s career!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

In Math… we will review for our Chapter 10 test on Monday and Tuesday and take our test on Wednesday. We will begin Chapter 11: Measurement on Thursday with learning how to convert lengths and weights.

In Social Studies… this week I will begin seeing Mrs. P’s students for their Government Unit- my homeroom students will go to her class for their 3rd Marking Period Science Unit.

In ELA….this week we will finish  “Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street” assessment and begin Lesson 18- “The Mulberry Project”. Our focus skill for this lesson will be Main Ideas and Details. We will build our background knowledge on this story before we read it by doing a web quest on silkworms. We will also be introduced to a new set of vocab words this week.

In Spelling…Spelling Packets for Lesson 21 are due this Friday 3/2. Our test will also be this 3/2. The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words.

Our words this week are:

  1. incompetent
  2. uphold
  3. inconsiderate
  4. indecisive
  5. outrank
  6. inhumane
  7. inorganic
  8. income
  9. invertebrate
  10. outgoing
  11. outpatient
  12. outspoken
  13. outwit
  14. downbeat
  15. downgrade
  16. downplay
  17. downtown
  18. uplift
  19. upstage
  20. uptight

*We will have social skill lessons with Mr. Schuck this week on Wednesday and Friday

Dates to Remember:

2/27- Spring Pictures

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