The Week of 3/26…

What a WINTER! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow for the season and we will be welcoming Spring weather before we know it. This week marks the final week of Marking Period 3. 🙂 Goodbye March, Hello April!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

In Math… this week we will be learning all about polygons, triangles, and quadrilaterals. We will also be learning how to find the volume of rectangular prisms.  We will be learning lots of new vocabulary terms this week!

In Social Studies… this week we will be reviewing for our assessment and take our government test on Thursday. I will see my homeroom students when we come back from our long weekend for our final Social Studies unit this year: Western Expansion.

In ELA….this week we will continue our Lesson 21 story: “Interrupted Journey” and continue to practice our focus skill: Author’s Perspective. We will go over a new list of vocab words that go along with this lesson. We will learn all about endangered species by creating brochures about these animals. We will begin our persusaive writing unit this week as well.

In Spelling: This packet and test will be a TWO WEEK LIST. These packets will not be due until April 6th. Our test will also be on April 6th.

  1. addresses
  2. armies
  3. calves
  4. countries
  5. leaves
  6. buses
  7. videos
  8. echoes
  9. shelves
  10. studios
  11. radios
  12. halves
  13. hooves
  14. knives
  15. taxes
  16. tomatoes
  17. opportunities
  18. volcanoes
  19. stitches
  20. wolves

We will have our social lesson with Mr. Schuck on Wednesday and have a buddy lesson this week on Thursday with Mrs. Cornell’s 2nd graders! 🙂 (NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY OR MONDAY)

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