The Week of 4/23….

Now that the PSSAs are over and it seems like the spring weather is here to stay (finally), we can get back to our normal schedule! Only about 7 weeks left of the school year so let’s get to it!!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math… this week we will be reviewing for our final benchmark assessment. We will start our test on Thursday. Next week, we will begin front loading 6th grade math.

In Social Studies… this week we will finish up our Western Expansion Unit. We will learn about the Trail of Tears and the Gold Rush. We will review for our test. (Our test will be next Monday)

In ELA….this week we will finish up Lesson 23. We will take our focus skill (imagery) and vocab test at the beginning of the week. We will  then begin Lesson 24 “Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride” and will be focusing on identifying similes, metaphors, and personification.

In Writing…we will finish our persuasive essays at the beginning of the week and begin our Magazine Unit! Students will be creating their own magazines and will be including various writing samples (that you would find in a magazine). Students get to choose their magazine topic. We will be working on these for the remainder of the school year.

In Spelling…Spelling Packets for Lesson 27 are due this Friday 4/27. Our test will also be on 4/27. The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words.

Our spelling words this week are:

  1. astronomy
  2. disaster
  3. asterisk
  4. astronaut
  5. asteroid
  6. chronic
  7. chronicle
  8. chronology
  9. chronological
  10. synchronize
  11. cyclical
  12. bicyclist
  13. cyclone
  14. encyclopedia
  15. hydrogen
  16. hydrant
  17. hydrate
  18. optic
  19. optician
  20. optical

Dates to Remember this Month:

April 24- Shine Time 2:15-2:30

April 24- CM Spring Concert Assembly 2:30

April 24- CM Spring Concert- Grade 1, Band, Strings, Chorus- 7 PM

April 27- PTO Ice Cream Social

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