11.12 to 11.16: A Glimpse at Our Week…

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Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week….

Math: Students will begin Chapter 5 this week. This week, we will learn how to round decimals to different place values, round sums and differences of decimal problems, and learn how to add and subtract decimals. We will also learn about the Associative, Identify, and Commutative  Properties of Additions.   

ELA: We will continue to learn about sequence this week. We will work on our Lesson 9 vocab words and read “Leonardo’s Horse”, which is our Lesson 9 story this week. We will finish our timeline projects and begin a research/interview project on Leonardo Di Vinci. We will take our Lesson 9 assessment at the end of the week. 

Social Studies:We will continue our unit on the Revolutionary War this week. We will learn about the battle of Lexington and Concord, the Battle at Bunker Hill, and we will learn about the Second Continental Congress. We will have a quiz at the end of the week (Friday) on what we have learned so far in this unit. 

Spelling: Lesson 10 spelling test will  be this Friday.   Packets are due the 16th as well. Go to  https://www.spellingcity.com/users/mrsodonnell007 to practice spelling words from lesson 10 This packet is a review. The last page of the packet is EXTRA CREDIT. These words are starting to get CHALLENGING! Be sure to encourage your children to study their words every night!

Grammar: We will identify fragments and run ons this week. We will also learn about plural and singular nouns.  

Reminders*- Friday Folders are due every Wednesday

We will have a RESPECT lesson on Tuesday to support out Character Theme for this month!

Laptop permissions slips will go home on MONDAY. In order for your child to take their laptops home start MONDAY NOVEMBER 19TH, this form NEEDS to be signed. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please email me with questions!

November Happenings:

12- PTO Meeting- 6:30 PM Library

13- Fall Picture Re-take Day

19- Patriotic Shine Time- Veterans Visit- 9:05 Wear Red-White-Blue

21- 1:30 Early Dismissal

22-26- No School- Thanksgiving Vacation

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