2.4 to 2.8: A Glimpse at our Week…

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What a crazy weather week we had last week…let’s hope for warmer weather and a “back to normal” schedule this week!! Is it Spring yet?

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…

Math:  We will continue and finish up Chapter 8 this week. We will learn how to convert fractions to decimals on Monday, which is our last lesson! On Tuesday, we will review for our test and take it on Wednesday of this week. On Thursday, we will begin Chapter 9. This week students will use number lines and benchmark fractions, such as 1/2, to round fractions. They will also add like fractions and solve word problems involving the addition of like fractions. WE WILL BE TAKING OUR MATH CDTS (from 2-3 pm) on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY of this week!

ELA: We will reread “The School Story” (Lesson 16 ) this week. We will continue to work on making inferences (based on our background knowledge and information stated) within stories. We will also work on developing think notes in order to better comprehend what we are reading. We will take our L16 Vocab Assessment on Monday and our Comprehension and Focus Skill assessment for L16 Thursday. We will begin our L17 story with a new list of robust vocab words.

Social Studies: We will continue with our Government unit this week. We will learn about the Constitutional Articles and the Bill of Rights. We will begin a poster project on the Bill of Rights this week.

Spelling: Lesson 18 will be tested on Friday 2/8. Lesson 19 spelling packets will be due Feb 15th.

Grammar: We will identify inappropriate shifts in verb tenses and will identify irregular verbs this week. * We did not get to these lessons last week*

*We will have a dentist lesson on Tuesday (taught by a dental hygienist)

REPORT CARD ENVELOPES ARE DUE BACK BY WEDNESDAY. It is important that you sign the “MP 2” line before sending it back into school. This indicates you have received and looked at your child’s report card. Thank you for your promptness!

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