3.11 to 3.15: A Glimpse at Our Week…

This month’s character education theme is Responsibility. We are having a school wide competition, where we keep track of how many times our entire class does our math homework in the month of March. Let’s be responsible and get our HW done!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom…

Math:  This week, we will continue with Chapter 10 and learn all about dividing fractions. We will begin reviewing for our test at the end of the week and our test will be next week.

ELA: We will finish up Lesson 19 this week with our TDAs and our focus skill assessment. We will be starting Lesson 21 and will learn all about our new focus skill: Author’s Purpose. We will read “Interrupted Journey” and be introduced to new vocab words.

Spelling: Lesson 22 will be tested on Friday 3/22. (This is a two week packet)

Grammar: We will take an adjective quiz this week. We will also learn how to compare using adjectives.

Our Growth and Development Lesson with Mr. Binkley (boys) and Nurse Nichols (girls) will be on Thursday morning.

***On Thursday afternoon, we will have Electronics Day! (Permission forms were sent home on Monday if students want to bring in a personal electronic device. They are due on Thursday.) This was an incentive they earned for reaching their Newsela Mastercard goal for the month of February!

Friday Folders are due on Wednesday SIGNED


11- PTO Meeting- 6:30 PM Library

12- 3-4 Discover Co-hort

14- 5-6 Discover Co-hort

22- KDG Library Field Trip- AM Only

22- Early Dismissal 1:30pm

26- 3-4 Discover Co-hort

26- END OF MP 3!

28- 5-6 Discover Co-hort

28- Lunch and Learn 11:10-12:10

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