Transcendentalism by Sophia Hess

Time for a Change  

She was a hero.

Rosa Parks was determined,

to make a great change.


Moving Forward

His great soul helped all.

As Gandhi changed India,

many lives were touched.


An Important Party

Boston Tea Party.

A step forward to freedom.

What a great protest.


For the Future

Hero in my eyes.

A brave man was MLK.

Made the world better.



She was just fifteen.

She spoke for education.

Malala was strong.

Fight For Your life By Andrew Fuhrman


Stand up for what you believe in,

Even if no one else is on your side.

Be rebellious,

But also be civil.

Let the past die,

Move on with your life,

It gets better with time.

No matter the tragedy,

No matter how bad times seem,

It will get better.

Once you’re able to move on,

You will be able to stand up and fight

Fight for what you believe is right

Fight and fight and fight

Fight for your life

An Empty Seat on the Bus Inspired by Rosa Parks By: Valentina Zamora

All I wanted,

was a seat on the bus.

All I wanted,

was my right.

But like a fallen tree in the woods,

They dragged me out of there without hesitation.


The only right I had,

was the right to remain silent.

But what does it mean to have rights…

If you can’t live them.


Oh how they prefer a sick heart over the others.

Letting people die rather than being a donor.


They give us laws,

In order to break them,

but we break them like a quiet bird on a branch.


Because we make life to enjoy,

instead of enjoying to take life.

Like they did in Mississippi.


We won’t stop until everything done right.

Even if they fight, we’ll fight through the night until…

There is an empty seat on the bus.

Natural Obstacle by Bishal Subedi


What does it mean to have rules,

The one where it turns on each other through hate,

The one where freedom has become the necessity,

The place where goodness hides,

The place where source of self reflection is needed,

The Natural source of confidence lost,

The movement for natural rights began,

Exemplified a source of restrictions on human actions by Gandhi,

Belief that one shall not physically fight for what’s theirs,

The Segregation of colors just because they weren’t the needed color,

The realization that one shall break the rules to create better rules,

The power of unification through tolerance and in arms,

Reflection of past following the future,

Age of darkness controlled by fear,

Nature shall take a hold of your inner struggles.

Full Potential By Cameron Ott

You are not complete until you reach it

Full potential is what you need

Believe in yourself

And stay true to yourself

Speak your mind


Keep your opinions firm

Started from a discussion club  

We are all individuals

With our own opinions and ideas

Stick to yourself when no one else is there


Imagination is a part you will need

Creativity and counter-cultural spirit is needed to succeed

Everything is connected through it all

We get jealous of people that have nicer things

Yet when we get like them you are straying farther from success

Sometimes You Have to Be Alone

What do you have?

Do you know who you are?

It’s so easy to fall in love.

And it’s never planned.

You don’t have to fall in love with one person.

Or anyone at all.

Fall in love with the flower growing in your front yard,

Fall in love with the way his eyes squint when he smiles,

Fall in love with the dew drops falling off the strings of a spider web,

Fall in love with the little rainbow that the glare of your window made,

Fall in love with the sky or the little old lady you saw in the cafe,

You don’t have to fall in love with a person,

Fall in love with life.

Every goosebump,

Every scrape,

Every strand of hair,

Every wrinkle on every finger,

Makes up for all of the pieces of yourself that you’re still mending.

Every layer

every nail bed

and every vein

Hides the secrets you’re trying to keep.

But keeping them from yourself will not do any good.

Mend your own cuts.

Trust yourself.

Skyrim Retirement Letter

From all the hours were have spent together

Exploring a world known to many others

From all the draugers we have encountered

In the Berkshires we’ve spelunked

All the Nord armor we have collected

On our quest to Daedric

Finding all the Dragon priests

And collecting their masks

Killing dragons

To acquire stronger shouts

The merchants we’ve bought from

And cities we are thanes in

While we leveled up our speech, destruction, and alchemy

It was you Dragonborn

Who made the land of Skyrim

Oh so special


Retirement Letter

Dear Penn Manor,

You were one hell of a run, a dive into the deep end, and a drug I have never experienced before. You lead me to loyal friends and collided me with snitches that got their stitches. You put me through social embarrassment while faking a laugh along the way. You were a movie that has reached its long and unexpected needing. You gave me the experience of unforgettable knowledge that I will pass on to someone of my own some day. I will appreciate you from a distance far and unknown without ever looking back. From the depths of my lungs, you will be the last puff of smoke that leaves my body.

Goodbye Penn Manor High School,


My Children’s 6 Word Memoirs to Me at My Funeral.

He was a spirit lifter father.


He taught me the good deeds.


He never let you down ever.


He was there when needed most.


Through the ups and downs times.


His name was Ty Jacob Erisman.


The best father for four children.


He changed all of our lives greatly.


Goodbye old man who loved us.


We will love and miss you.


Forever and ever and ever eternity.


From the Erisman kids.

~Ty Erisman

She Moved On

She moved on.

But sometimes the sky still looks like his eyes.

She moved on

But she kept every possession that had any connection to him.

She moved on

But when she comes across that flannel that he left behind she’ll put it on so it’s like he’s holding her again.

She moved on

But the fact that the same flannel has almost lost every last trace of him, makes her chest feel heavier for a while.

She moved on

But on lonely nights she’ll sleep in his old t-shirt he gave her when she was his.

She moved on

But there’s moments so often where something happens or is said that reminds her of him and a memory she loved, sometimes wishing she could relive it even just for a moment…


Retirement to Dance in 50 Years

Dear dance,

I remember the moment that you were the one for me.

When my Mother plays the sound of  beats and drums in the little pink DVD player, and her little girl who just took her first steps is dancing like a little soldier.

When Mother switches to the soft sound of music, and her baby starts to switch position to sway along.

She mutters, “Our little girl won’t be playing soccer.”

The moment I looked at my first ballet teacher, I knew it would be a perfect match.

Through the tears.

Threw the blisters.

Through the bruises.

Dance motivated me.

I learned to love the pain that led to accomplishment.

When one choreographer says “NO”, I will go and find one thats says “YES”.

Dance brought joy.

Dance brought love.

Dance brought release of emotions.

I am ever so grateful to the gift that God gave me.

The gift that has helped me to achieve the purpose he had for me.

The gift that brought me to achieve my biggest dreams.

It is time to say goodbye.

It’s been a great life full of 5..6..7..and 8.


My Dear Ethiopia

Since the day I saw you

I have loved you,

Your culture and rich tradition

I bowed to.

You have carried me with your love,

From day one to eleven, my beloved;

“Mother Ethiopia” I called you,

Home of Lucy, and animals like Kangaroo

Day by day you get more beautiful,

Just like your people and view.

I will see you soon,

That I promise you;

But till that day, I will say,

Mother Ethiopia, My Ethiopia I love you.


Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I love you.

Playing and coloring at your house

I loved being with you, dad didn’t

The fighting I heard

Didn’t change my love for you

The things mom said about you

Didn’t change my love for you.


Seeing the smile on your face

While taking pictures with us opening gifts

The smile you had

In the pictures with us

Then you weren’t in them

No beautiful smile to brighten my day

Going into the hospital

For the last time

Didn’t realize this heart attack

Would be the last

I will love you forever

I will always remember your smile

And everything you did for me

I’ll see you again someday.




A Collection of Random Thoughts

                    “Always expect the worst out of things                     

                                 so that in                                   

           case the worst       

           occurs, you were

           ready for it.

           If the worst

            doesn’t occur,

           then you will be

           surprised and

            happy when the

           situation turned

out to be better than you thought it would.”



        something doesn’t go the

   way it was                    planned

   or how                        somebody wanted

  it to, someone they know will say, “get

over it, life isn’t fair”. But if that is said to

 everyone, shouldn’t        that mean that life

 isn’t fair to anyone?        If life isn’t fair to

 anyone, everybody        gets the some

unfairness.. Doesn’t        this mea that life is fair?.”


“If you are   supposed to           treat people

the way you    want to be        treated, then

why do people    harm each        other? Does

that mean        they want           to be harmed

back?  If you      ever want          to harm someone

in any way        shape or              form whether        

it is physically,      socially,        mentally, spiritually

, or emotionally,       think that   you are asking

for the same         thing to be  done to you.”


It’s All The Same

Guide the hand to a new fate,

And do not tell him of what you truly are,

Just smile at him, looking,

Away, from his face.


Listen to the voice that came from the hate,

And do not help him, only give him a taste,

Of who you desire, par,

Himself, neglected by you.


Guide his smile, to truly; who looks,

Yet, contrive, he is yours,

And he undermines by your fascination; benign,

To taste, the hand upon your face.


Simply untrue, undeserving, undesirable.

Away, from himself, neglect the hate,

Do not tell; the fate, so new; your heart

Won’t ever break.


Listen to the lies, you’re making up; lies.

Of given is the par, undermine who looks,

Telling not of a soul, to be under mine,

Is what of yours?


Guide to fascinate, to lay upon, undeserving of,

Your face, benign, you truly know,

Who you, are; not to be himself, he loves. He loves.

Simply, who he truly, undermines,

Who of what is your soul, not to understand,

Look now away, from yourself, smile,

Neglect the lies, not to love; not to hate.


Listen to the facade, voice, inside,

You won’t ever misapprehend,

Lies won’t ever break,

–Ever what is, undesirable won’t, how do you?


Guide to help him, do not,

Give to contrive to taste to know,

To understand your soul,

Suffice to desire the hate.


Simply, himself; as fate, smiles,

Fascinate the facade, obey,

Look, you’re mine, under love will never



Guide to what, he is not, true, you; to not stand,

Under; the hate, helps him; you

Do not, under what, stand upon the hand,

Fate lies at your, face.


Listen, you’re who you love, he loves,

The benign tastes the, heart; obeys the soul;

Contrive to suffice the untrue, neglect

–What once was the hand of fate.


Simply par, not mine, understand him,

Tell not the truth, of you are, who looks?

Fascinate the soul, he loves, but he hates. He hates, you.

Guide: to understand what it takes,

To stay awake, away, from the fate,

Breaking the heart; Undermining distaste, in himself,

Truly, doesn’t tell him you’re fascinated; the facade.


Simply: how he looks at your face,

Suffice the hate, desire the hate, you know

He will never neglect your lies, remained untrue,

Taking his hand, to the voice inside.


Listen: the soul gives into for what?

Contrive, you won’t ever misapprehend,

To par his smile, to you, and only you,

He loved you; you, to break his heart.


Look, it’s all the same.