June 6, 1944

June 6th, 1944 its 7:00 AM, soldiers are sitting in a boat cruising into shore, awaiting their arrival on the beaches of Normandy. Its dark, rainy, cold possibly and soldiers know their own fate. When that door opens their marching into enemy territory putting their life on the line, but for what? The country? they are on the shores of Normandy and, they can see the bunkers at the top of the hill machine guns staring every soldier in the face waiting to claim them. with In 5 minutes they are either dead or alive this depends on them and shooting or the speed of dodging a bullet.

They’re nervous, they are all shaking, and wondering how they got into this. But most of all They’re  wondering what caused all of this? Who is responsible for sending us here or even shooting at me? All these questions rushing into their head. They can’t focus. There is now only one minute till they land. If there not focused they will be dead! They are trying to clear their minds of all this nonsense when suddenly the doors open and they rush out and bang. floating in the water bleeding more cold then they have ever been in their entire life, when suddenly it goes black and they are dead.

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