a letter

My dearest sister Katherine,

I hope you and Henry are well and happy.  I am sorry this is my first letter and possibly the last, since I left you two years ago.  There’s not a day that gone by I don’t regret my departure. I miss you and Henry so much and I fear I’ll never see you or him again.

The war here in the Alamo is getting harder.  The Mexicans are messing with us and trying to make us not sleep or think, just be on total alert. I wanted to say I’m sorry for leaving you with Henry on the farm after Dad died, but I knew I did not belong there but I’m starting to think I don’t belong here either. I now realize that fighting for Texas independence was right then, but not now. No more troops are coming to help and Mexico is getting stronger each day. My only fear in life is never seeing you and Henry again. The farm, that house, you and Henry all reminded me of the past that I will never see again. My story only had the future and now I fear it will end here. Just promise me one thing, that you will never leave Henry. You will be his only family and he does not need to be alone in this world, like I feel now.

Your loving brother, Thomas


By: Olivia Vassot

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