Dream World

Do you ever wish you could live in a world you created?  I do all the time.  I just get so angry at this world that all I wanted to do was scream and give up.  I don’t get it this world has two sides, the bad and the good. But mostly the bad is all you ever see; violence, prejudice and anger. The good let’s just say it’s a very rare occasion when you get to see it. I don’t like being angry but certain things make me get so angry I could punch a wall.  Like people being mean and stupid, and all the injustice in the world. I just wanted everything to be good and happy in the world, that’s a very big dream right?

I know nothing is perfect, but really the world is far away from even something okay.  I just want it to get better.  If even little things were fixed like people thinking before they did something that could hurt people. We would be getting that much closer to one of those rare good days.

By Olivia Vassot

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