Listen to your parents
They’re always right
Even when they’re wrong
Don’t count every calorie
Work them off instead
Leave your house once a day
Only if its to get the mail
Don’t depend on too many
Not everyone will be around
Keep hand sanitizer in your
You don’t know what you’ve
Touch or who touched it
Try and learn another language
It will be handy later
Compare yourself to others
Only to improve yourself
Go to work and work your hardest
You will be rewarded
Sing in the shower even if you stink
Your family likes a good laugh
Be open with people
You have to trust someone
If not you’ll get no help
Don’t get too jealous
Other people mean nothing to you
You are your own person
Stop wearing make up
Stop straightening your hair
It needs to breath
Just as much as you do
Take a bath here and there
Your body has been going all day
Let it relax for 15 freaking minutes
Please learn to love yourself
But honestly listen to your
Mom and dad
You need them
They need you

-Taylor Phillips

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