There will be no music today,

No smiling, no laughter,

Just sorrow,

In the memories,

And the what ifs,

The could have beens,

If he wasn’t gone,

If he hadn’t been torn away,

From the world too soon


There will be no singing today,

Only crying, wails,

Weeping in sorrow,

How can this be?

What God does this?

Rips away life,

So soon,

So unexpectedly,

Without letting us know at all,

And we all feel it,

The deep pit of sadness,

The somber mood,

Encompassing us all,

As viewers of the aftermath,

The pain, the tears,

Why is this?


There will be no playing today,

The shock is too much,

The pain seems unending,

Like a stab in the back,

Nobody saw it coming,

And now we know,

Nobody is immune,

To death, to life,

We are all human,

And we’re supposed to learn,

From our mistakes,

And I hope we will,

Learn that life is more important,

Than all the simple pleasures,

They aren’t worth it,

Because life can end whenever,

We need to live,

We need to learn from tragedy,

From the sorrow, crying,

Acknowledge it,

Know that it did happen,

That somebody is dead,

Whether you knew him or not,

It happened


There will be no happiness today,

Perhaps somewhere else,

But not here,

Because this sorrow hangs,

Over us all,

Enveloping us,

Making us remember and think,

About what we could have said,

Could have done,

Before he left us,

About who he was,

No matter how long ago,

Who we knew him as,

What we liked about him,

They’re all memories now,

And they can’t be changed to anything else,

As much as we wish it to be


There will be tears today,

Sobbing and weeping, crying,

Trying to understand all of this,

When you knew him so well,

Or even not all,

You can feel the pain,

Of others affected by all of this,

You don’t see things like this coming,

You tell yourself it’s a joke,

But it isn’t sometimes,

It’s all too real,

It’s not a lie,

It’s true,

Death is real,

And it affects us all,

Whether we be the victim,

The friend, the family,

Or just a bystander,

Who wished they said ‘hi’,

Just once,

Because they never really knew him


There will be pain today,

Like a lightning bolt hitting us,

The boat has been rocked,

Overturned, struck down,

We are shaking,

Unable to comprehend,

Why now? and just why?

Deep breaths, accompany,

Sadness as we sit,

Together in thought,

Prayer, mourning, remembrance,

Of someone who left us too soon,

And we’ll pray and pray and pray,

For everyone affected,

Because nobody likes to see others suffering,

Sad, knowing what this pain is,

Feeling it in their blood, bones,

Wishing it wasn’t so,

The friends and family,

Mourning, lost, without hope,

It seems,

Of what has become reality


There will be confusion,

Because we don’t understand why,

Death had to affect us,

The good and the bad,

The ones in pain and the painless,

Hoping that God finds a way,

To right the wrong that’s been committed,

To assure us this was part of His plan,

Not an evil committed to us,

We are broken,

Torn, lost,


This sadness in our hearts,

I can only hope will be lifted,

But not forgotten,

And learned from,

By everyone here.

–Rachel Olcott

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