Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 9: New Recruits

Jason let out another scream. “Help me!” Jason yelled. The creature growled in Jason’s face. Its breath smelled like rotten eggs, gasoline and fire. Jason gagged. “Somebody get me down from here.”

“We’d better hurry,” Xavier said. He sprinted off towards the creature.

“Wait… Xavier,” Issac called. It was too late. Xavier was already running full speed to the creature. Issac shook his head. “Let’s go after both of them… I guess.”

Xavier cautiously approached the creature. “Hey! Let him down you over-sized, dinosaur, fire-breathing monster… thing….” he yelled.

The creature stared at Xavier. It growled ferociously. Then, Jason began to speak to him.

“Hello again, young man. Are you here to help? I would really appreciate it,” Jason said.

Xavier couldn’t help but smile. Then he nodded and said, “yes, I’m here to help you. My friends are here, too.” Xavier pointed behind him. Issac and Brent were running towards them.

Brent and Issac walked up to Xavier. “You don’t know what this thing is do you?” Brent asked Xavier.

Xavier shook his head. “No, but I wish I did.”

Then, as if on cue, the PlayStation’s voice echoed around the restaurant. “If you must know… you are all in the presence of my Raydien. As you, Xavier, have already seen the Raydien breathes fire. If it touches anything… it melts. So if either of you touch its fire breath, you will instantly die.”

Brent, Issac, and Xavier all looked at each other. Issac asked Brent, “what is up with video game systems wanting to kill everyone nowadays?”

Brent shrugged, but also smiled. “Beats me.”

The PlayStation did not respond.

“Alright, let’s beat this thing,” Xavier said.

“Yes, go ahead. I’d appreciate it if it didn’t take too long,” Jason said, now dangling upside down in the Raydien’s claw.

“Oh boy, we’d better hurry. It might just be me, but I think that the Raydien looks as if it’s getting hungry,” Issac said.

“What?! No, no, no, I serve food! I’m not supposed to be the food!” Jason screamed.

“Where’s its weak point?” Brent asked aloud. “Everything has one.”

“How do you know that?” Xavier asked.

“When you’ve already fought another video game system’s minions a few times you’ll understand what mean,” Brent replied. “So, where is it?”

The boys looked over the Raydien’s body. It growled again and open its mouth to shoot a fireball. Issac pointed at the Raydien’s mouth. “There! In its mouth!” he yelled.

In the Raydien’s mouth was a bright, glowing, pink sphere. It was the Raydien’s weak point.

“How can we reach that?” Xavier exclaimed.

“Well, it’s shooting fireballs. Fireballs bounce off of things that are made of glass, right?” Issac asked aloud.

“I don’t know. Do they?” Xavier responded.

“It’s worth a shot,” Brent said. “There’s a broken piece of the glass wall.”

The boys went to the broken wall and picked up the largest piece. They held up the broken glass towards the Raydien at an angle.

The Raydien shot a fireball towards the boys. They raised the broken glass in front of their bodies. The fireball made contact and shattered the broken piece of glass even more.

“Whoa! Okay, I guess glass doesn’t work,” Issac said as he dropped the glass. He waved his hands quickly, yet barely, through the air. “That kind of burned my hands.” Brent waved his hands, too.

“Yeah, it burned mine a lttle bit,” Brent said.

“So now what?” Xavier asked.

Brent shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know….” He looked around the remains of the restaurant. He slowly glanced up and spotted a single chandelier on the ceiling. Brent pointed at it. “That’s it!”

“What?” Issac and Xavier asked in unison.

“The chandelier. I’ll swing on it and avoid it until I can throw something into its mouth,” Brent explained.

“Okay, but what are you going to throw?” Issac asked.

“I don’t know that, yet. Preferably something hard that can’t shatter on impact,” Brent said.

The boys looked around. They spotted glasses, plates, trays, and even utensils lying around on the floor, scattered. They turned their heads to the podium where the hostess was cowering behind. On top of the podium was a small bell.

“That will have to do,” Brent said. He ran towards the podium and picked up the bell. The hostess, who was literally under the podium, didn’t seem to mind Brent taking the bell. Instead, she let out a short, yet shrill, squeek. Brent ran back to Issac and Xavier. He handed the bell to Issac.

“When I get on that chandelier, I want you to throw the bell to me,” Brent said.

Issac nodded in agreement. “Okay,” he said. He clutched the bell tightly in his fist.

Brent began to claw the wall, which was surprisingly easy since the parts that have been broken off had left small footholds for Brent’s feet to go into. Brent climbed quickly, but carefully. He got himself to his feet and balanced himself on the beam. He eyed the chandelier and jumped forward. He grabbed onto the small section of the chandelier that was the lowest point. Brent swung for a little until he yelled, “throw me the bell!”

Issac nodded. “Here it comes,” he said loudly enough so Brent could hear him.Issac threw the bell toward Brent. Brent reached out and grabbed the bell with little trouble, after all he was swinging on a chandelier while the Raydien was continuing to shoot fireballs at him.

“Got it,” Brent shouted. He looked into the Raydien’s mouth and winded his right hand back, aimed, and threw the bell into the Raydien’s mouth and down its throat. The Raydien choked and gagged on the bell. The bell had shattered its weak point before it went down its throat. It was only a few minutes before the Raydien exploded into nothingness. Jason screamed as he fell from the Raydien’s claw. He landed hard on the floor of the restaurant. He got up painfully.

“The restaurant… it’s ruined!” Jason said disappointedly. “What was that thing?”

“A Raydien. It’s one of my PlayStation’s minions,” Issac explained.

“Well, it’s time for it to pay!” Jason said. “Penny, come over here!”

The hostess slowly walked to Jason’s side. “Yes?”

Jason said, “get your purse… we’re going with these guys.”

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