True Farming

Many people believe that farmers are just hicks, rednecks, and FFA and 4-H kids.  They think that we all have cows and that we just grow corn.  Not once do they think about what the world would be like if there was no farming.   Without farmers there would be no food.  I know it is a shock.  Your food doesn’t start at Kellogg’s or Jimmy Dean.  It starts on the farm.  It is tended and nurtured to grow right from the ground if it is a crop.  If it is the animal the farmers raise it from the time that it was born.  We don’t abuse or hurt them, we just care for them.  We work from the first rays of light until it is completely dark.  We don’t just sit on a tractor and back up the roads.  We work with our hands and do a lot of physical work.  We work to put the food on your table.  So dont sit there with your mouth full and tell me farming is worthless and that we are all the same.  We are all different but we all have similarities.  Believe it or not we are similar to you too.  We aren’t our own species.  We are human just like you and we make a difference in the world.

2 thoughts on “True Farming

  1. Your passion is so evident in this piece. Your argument is strong. No one lives without farmers. Running a farm is both physically and intellectually challenging and it takes courage. Great job !

  2. I love this writing! So many people have the wrong idea about what Agriculture and farming is all about, especially in High School.

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