Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 13: Starting Over

Derek eyed Brent. Brent eyed Derek. It had felt like forever since they had last seen each other. To Brent this reunion felt like they both were starting over, but to Derek it felt like it was meeting an old friend after they have changed over a number of years. Brent and Derek could do nothing but stand still. Standing still and looking into the other’s eyes.

“Brent?” Derek asked. He looked at Brent as if it wasn’t him. He looked at him like he was a mannequin. Derek thought to himself. “Is this really him? Of course it is! Who else would it be?”

“I haven’t seen you in a little while,” Brent said. He held out his hand. “Nice to see you… again.”

Derek gazed at Brent’s hand as if it were an inappropriate gesture. He eventually held out his hand and shook Brent’s. “You, too.”

Kris interceded into the conversation. “Great, now you two can catch up on what’s been going on. Kind of like… starting over.”

“Yeah,” Brooke agreed.

“I guess so, but first, what was so important that you texted me about?” Derek asked.

Issac explained. “The Technology Triforce. There’s three shards that exist. The Graphics Shard, the Game Shard, and the Generation Shard. We have the Graphics Shard that was in Lumber Woods back in our hometown. The Game Shard is somewhere known as the past… so we figured the past meant Brent’s hometown. The Generation Shard is the final piece that is in another world, but we don’t have a clue on that one yet.”

“Okay, so, what does the shard look like?” Brooke asked.

“Well, they’re all the same so that means it should be golden with a fluorescent glow emanating from it,” Xavier said.

“Alright. Now that that’s settled we should split up. There’s eight of us so the best way would be to split up into four groups of two,” Kris said. “I’ll go with Brooke, Jason can go with Penny, Issac can go with Xavier, and Brent can go with Derek.”

Everyone nodded. “Derek and I can search near my house and around Just Press Play,” Brent said.

“Brooke and I will search the school,” Kris said.

“Um… Jason and Penny. You two can go hunt around at Giacomo’s down the block. It’s a really popular restaurant here so there’s a chance the shard could be hiding there,” Brent said.

“Sounds great. Do you mind if we grab a bite to eat there after we search?” Jason asked.

Brent shook his head. “I don’t mind. As long as you meet everyone back here…” Brent said.

Jason and Penny ran off. They scampered down the hill and out of sight.

“Where should we go?” Xavier asked.

Brent thought for a moment. “The public library is popular in this town. It’s called The Quiet Quill. It’s a few blocks east from Giacomo’s.”

“Alright. When should we meet back here?” Issac asked.

“Whenever you’ve searched the place inside and out. Does everyone know where they’re going?” Kris said.

Everyone nodded. They split into their four groups of two; Kris and Brooke, Issac and Xavier, Jason and Penny, and Brent and Derek. They then disbanded to look for the Technology Triforce shard. Kris and Brooke, who were going to search the school began to discuss about Brent.

“Does Brent seem different to you?” Brooke asked Kris.

“A little bit, but that’s probably because of him being away for awhile and he seems like he has forgotten some things from his past,” Kris said.

“How so?” Brooke asked.

“He didn’t remember what Derek’s name was…” Kris said.

“Do you think that the Technology Triforce will help him remember more?”

Kris pondered on that thought. He didn’t know. Once he met up with Issac and Xavier he would ask them.

They reached the school in twenty minutes. They gazed up at the sign on the building. It looked old. It was covered in moss and had a few cracks breaking through it. They searched  through all of the rooms in half an hour. They ended up with nothing. They exited the school and walked back to the rendezvous.

Issac and Xavier had arrived at The Quiet Quill. This library looked marvelous. The outside had stone columns and stone steps located in the front of the library. It looked like it could’ve been a monument in the city of Washington D.C. They entered the library and searched around the library lobby. The inside looked like a home. There were carpets, curtains, chairs, computers, shelves, desks, lights, and many other items.

A voice spoke to them as they admired the room. “May I help you?”

“Yes, we’re looking for…” Xavier stopped himself. “We’re looking for a book.”

“What’s it called?” the librarian said.

Issac had a bad feeling. He realized that besides the librarian, they were the only two in the library. Issac looked carefully at the librarian. He saw her smile as she showed a glimpse of her razor sharp teeth. He looked up into her eyes and saw them flash from a gentle blue to a raging red. Issac and Xavier froze in their spot and stared in horror as the librarian open her mouth and was about to swallow them whole. The boys could do nothing, but stare into her gaping mouth.

Jason and Penny were talking to a host in Giacomo’s. Jason had asked him if anyone has seen anything odd or suspicious in the restaurant. He shook his head.

“Not that I know of, yet, no one tells me anything around this place. Everyone keeps everything to themselves,” the host said.

“Well, thanks for your help anyway,” Jason said.

Brent and Derek were walking away from the video game store. They have searched everywhere inside, but the shard was not there. They walked into Brent’s house and ran upstairs into his room to look for the shard. They checked the drawers, the bureaus, and the closet. The shard was nowhere to be found. “It’s not here,” Derek said.

Brent thought for a moment. “We need to start over…”

“What?” Derek asked aloud.

“My past… it’s… it’s the place where I was born,” Brent said. “We need to go to the hospital. Let’s go.”

Without another word the boys ran out of the house towards the hospital.

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