From the Countryside

I’m from the back roads where everyone knows your name.

I’m from the everyday meals at my grandparents– cherished memories.

I’m from “don’t hit your sister” while playing outside.

I’m from sitting in the road, finding monkey gold.

I’m from the old bridge we cherished until they tore it down– the most excitement for the road.

I’m from the two-strokes going everyday of the week except Sunday.

I’m from the fear of fire and losing your house and everything you love everyday.

I’m from the smell of manure being fresh everyday.

I’m from the district in Germany who settled in York, and a district in Greece which is now in Southern Lancaster.

I’m from the moments when Flashback Friday is an annual thing.

I’m from having a new movie is not just a goal anymore, but an addition to the collection of more than one thousand.

I’m from moments when riding our bikes were one of the only freedoms we had.

I’m from a time when we did not need phones to be happy because we thought of something better to do and electronics were on a limited time.

I’m from when sneaking up the road to your grandparents’ was a crime, but the food was delicious.

I’m from where the memories are hung on the wall instead of packed away until you find them again.

I’m from a time of which you love to go to an attic to find something old to someone else, but a new treasure to you.

I’m from the mud in between your toes was a good thing.

I’m from the dirt roads that were barely ever traveled.

I’m from racing up and down the field to see who was a better rider.

I’m from fixing cars with my dad and brother everyday after school.

I’m from amazing genres of music and bands- Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Kongos, The 80s, 90s, and Today’s.

I’m from “Dude you hit the garage, you’re not touching my fourwheeler again”.

I’m from the country which is where I was born and raised and it shaped who I am today.


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