That’s When You Know You Love Her

She’s dancing in the kitchen singing her favorite old country song in only his flannel shirt.

She’s cooking him supper, cause she knows when he comes home he’ll be covered in dirt.

He opens the front door as she’s dancing around like their ain’t nobody watching her moves.

He picks her up and sets on her on the counter, gives her the biggest kiss, and says “I know you make me the happiest, girl you got nothing to prove.”

Suppers on the table and it gonna be ready.

This is a sure sign now she know’s they’re going steady.

That night she is in a cuddly mood.

He comes over to the couch turns on Netflix, holds her in his arms, and gets her food.

She hasn’t moved a bit.

She’s just gonna lay there watching him until he finally falls asleep and then he’ll throw a fit.

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