My Childhood in a Poem

I’m from loud New York City to laid back Lancaster County

I’m from having dress up and tea parties with my little brother who I made do anything with me

I’m from warm vanilla candles burning throughout the house and fuzzy blankets wrapped around me like a cocoon

I’m from crazy bicycle rides and burning scrapes on my knees with white gauze wraps

I’m from groups of friends being just boys and playing football in the backyard

I’m from creating dances with my friends and performing a show in front of everyone

I’m from being daddy’s little girl and mommy’s little helper

I’m from two happily married parents who always taught me what it’s like to be crazy in love with someone

I’m from the fresh smell of bait in the tackle box and the salty sea air

I’m from the last years when technology was never introduced and I actually had a childhood


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