I’m From Peach Bottom

I’m from a southern place called Peach Bottom, near 472 and Wakefield

I’m from biscuits and gravy every Sunday

I’m from the backyard of Robert Fulton Fire Company

I’m from a middle child of three

From an older brother who tortured me

I’m from a pasture with animals

From crashing cars at 3 years old

I’m from little towns Little Britain,and Kirkwood

From ancestors of Ireland and Scotland

I’m from pen pals to grandparents

I’m from “you gotta keep your head up Lou”

I’m from a cousin to an aunt to my 2nd mom

I’m from “ Lou why do you have to be so much trouble”

I’m from memories of photos and possessions

I’m from”Are you trying to kill me kid”

From softball since I could walk

From a 9 year-old all-star player

I’m from almost dying at 6 years old

I’m from losing my best friend at 12

From messes with my grandmother also my best friend

I’m from almost losing my dad 8 years old

I’m from duals of who can kill the other sibling first

I’m from being the troublemaker and grounded all the time

I’m from 1 of 6 siblings as of 2014

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