They Don’t Know About Us/ The Fighter

They Don’t Know About Us

They don’t know about us

The love hidden behind closed doors

The secret love letters

The I love you’s and goodbye’s

They don’t know about us

The silent conversations across the room

The unbroken promises kept

The need to stay in the unknown

The want to have a special bond with only them

The thought of what he thinks when he looks at you

The constant connection that hold you together

The prevention of fights through instant communication

All that goes on between us yet they don’t know about us

Our love is only ours therefore it shall remain unknown

The Fighter

You break me down, expect me to be at my lowest

Your snake like hold on me has my lungs begging for air

You don’t know I have thick skin and an elastic heart

You’re constantly testing how far it will stretch for you

I can see it in your eyes

The longing for my acceptance to want you like you want me

I won’t give in

These walls were built for a reason

People like you don’t belong with people like me

I guess rules are meant to be broken

Couldn’t stop myself from being with you

The obvious path made for us was abandoned

And I wonder where we took the wrong turn

-Bianca Rivera

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