A World Full of People

I am from being born on January 25th, 2000.

I am from going to not having a neighborhood to living next to a bunch of new people.

I am from Lancaster, but recently moved to Millersville.

I am from parents who are mixed with Italian and Swedish.

I am from my mom Robin and my dad Kerry.

I am from my grandma who although we are not physically close; we are close by the heart.

I am from a family name that has gone from De’ Clerico to Clerico and then to Hansen.

I am from a family who is obsessed with a reality tv show called Big Brother, that we have gone to the level of calling each other Frootloops.

I am from a mother who makes great tasting mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes.

I am from a family where we pick and torment each other, but of course it’s out of love.

I am from a witty father that knows I like to be the first, so he always tell me, “You can be first after me.”

I am from a world where my memories stay in my mind.

I am from a local dance studio called Willow Street Dance Steps.

I am from a group of amazing friends that anyone would die to have.

I am from a world that people do judge books by their covers.

I am from a world where not everyone is perfect, but they normally try to be.

I am from a world where I try to make my life the best it could ever be.

I am from a world where I live no regrets.  

— Kayla Hansen

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