The Life of Peter!

I’m from Lancaster, PA.

I’m from our past Capital in the USA.

I’m from Hanh and Thuong Nguyen.

I’m from a house from Manor Middle School.

I’m from Ha Ngoni and Ho Chi Minh City.

I’m from the Twizzler smell where my parents work at.

I’m from my aunt always saying “see you later alligator”.

I’m from the smell of my mom’s food.

I’m from near Charlestown Park.

I’m from two different houses.

I’m from my favorite color blue.

I’m from the strongest woman ever, my mom.

I’m from, GOD 

— Peter Nguyen

1 thought on “The Life of Peter!

  1. I think that everyone’s mother is the strongest woman in their life. I love that you said “I’m from, GOD” it is such a blessing to be able to say that and to be proud of it.

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