You Want To Be Like Me?

Although I’m not sure who would want to be,

Such a reserved and masked actress like me,

I’ll list some tips to help you change,

If that is what you wish.

Use smiles and laughs to hide your ways,

Watch an anime marathon that lasts for days.

Just don’t forget the juice and snacks,

The decision will haunt you endlessly.

Press some keys, pull some strings,

Tune your voice, sing some things,

Write a song for a sister’s birthday,

And don’t present it early.

Observe all, find a purpose,

Prove, to yourself, that you’re not worthless.

Just for the words, read a poem,

And keep its meaning in mind.

Find a girl, tell her you love her,

Keep, in your wallet, her school picture.

Treat her like she is the only one,

Because, after all, she is.

Make a promise and don’t break it,

Build up your story bit by bit.

If you really want to be like me,

Do yourself a favor…

And Be You. 

— Christopher 

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