Who Am I?

I’m from the cobble stone adorned streets of Marietta, PA.

I’m from the two-hundred year old eye catcher that everyone seems to know.

I’m from Rich and Nancy, two kids in love.

I’m from the family dog, just as big as a miniature pony.  

I’m from “Sorry I lost my head.”

I’m from night cruises in the 67’ Mustang with mom.

I’m from the  roaring sound of two stroke motorcycle motors echoing in the West Virginia hills.

I’m from the tales of my Grandpa’s childhood over Grandma’s fresh breakfast.

I’m from an old fashioned family full of tomboys, carpenters and mechanics.

I’m from the friends I’ve known for as long as I can remember.

I’m from family Christmas mornings, every year.

I’m fishing trips and bike rides with dad.

I’m from a picture perfect family picture, filled with love.  

— Pierce Mellott 

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