I Am From Being Me

I am from the tire swing tied to the old tree.

I am from “Sarai, Stop! You’re not a dog!!”

I am from peeing off roofs with my cousin.

I am from grabbing a scorching hot curling iron with my bare 5 year old hand.

I am from playing Candy Land and Guess Who on rainy days.

I am from VeggieTale songs in the car.

I am from the buttered noodles and Salisbury steak on the table.

I am from licking ketchup off the floor.

I am from “ Be yourself, they’ll love you. “

I am from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

I am from Crankin’ Dat Soulja Boy in the kitchen.

I am from going on the computer just to use Paint.

I am from watching Robot Chicken on Adult Swim after my parents went to sleep.

I am from the nightmares before, on, and after Halloween.

I am from watching The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

I am from riding a bike with no brakes and crashing into a car.

I am from learning to accept myself.

I am from being who I am.

I am from my friends and family who helped me find myself.

I am from the name Sarai. 

— Sarai Figueroa 

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