Introduction: Kingdom Hearts: Isabella Lefever

Two six year old twins with big blue eyes and long, wavy blondish-brown hair sit up in their beds. One is a boy while the other is a girl. They slept in an average-sized room that they shared.


           Outside, the moon and the stars shined brightly down on the small world of Twilight Town. It was the twins’ bedtime but they were defiant. They would not go to bed until their mother told them a story. Their mother, a petite woman in her twenties that had the same blue eyes and long curly blondish-brown hair as her adorable children, sat in between their beds. She was wearing a turquoise nightgown that came down just below her knees. Her children stare at her with large pleading eyes and pouting lips.


     “Please, mom! Please tell us the story again!” the twins begged. Their mother chuckles at their childish behavior. She puts one finger up to her lips.


 “Sh. Alright, alright. Calm down. You don’t want to wake your father now,” she hushes them. The twins throw their hands up in the air in victory.


“Yay!” they exclaim. Their mother chuckles again. The twins settle back down into their beds as their mother clears her throat.


       “Alright. Now where do we start off at?” she ponders while lightly tapping the bottom of her chin with her pointer finger. She then puts her finger up in the air like she had an idea.


       “Ah! I remember now! A long, long time ago there was a gargantuan heart-shaped moon known as Kingdom Hearts. People had thought Kingdom Hearts was the heart of all worlds. Many people thought that it contained light. Others thought it contained darkness. These two sides quarreled over what was inside the all mighty Kingdom Hearts. The two sides found out about the X-blade (A/N: Pronounced  the“Key or Kyeblade.” It is easily confused with a regular Keyblade.) the key to unlocking the door to Kingdom Hearts, and how to forge it. The two sides created weapons called “Keyblades” which were mere shams of the real X-blade.


     “They gathered on a world where the ground was barren and cracked and dark clouds loomed over the world like a thick blanket. This was the world where Keyblade bearers would be tested to see who is worthy of being the chosen wielder of the X-blade. Today, this desolate world was given the title of the Keyblade Graveyard. It was called this because of the powerless, rusted keys that littered the place. If they could talk they’d probably be crying out to their fallen masters and mourning their deaths.

        “Both armies stood directly across from each other. All of them were

wearing armor that covered them from head to toe. Their leaders stood In front of them. They looked as if they were having a glare off with each other. After a few moments of silence and tons of intimidating looks, the leader of the army of darkness grew impatient. He was more than eager to fight. With an angry yell, he ordered his troops to charge at the army of light. It was said that those who embraced the darkness were often vicious with their attacks. Most of them relied more on brutal force and didn’t care about their defense. However, people who welcomed the light where the exact opposite. They weren’t as quick to take action. They thought things through before they made their next move. Although, all these facts are false. Who you are is not defined by whether your heart is being swallowed by darkness or basking in the warmth of the light.


      “To separate themselves from chaos going on around them, the leaders of the two armies created a platform. The platform was so tall that it seemed like the two men could touch Kingdom Hearts itself. The two commenced a long tough battle. In a blinding flash of light, the X-blade had appeared into the hands of the leader of the army of light. Enraged, the leader of the army of darkness charged his blade up with darkness and swung it at the former leader. The leader of the army of light blocked his attack with the X-blade. The darkness that the enemy leader had created offset the balance of light and darkness that had created the X-blade. In a destructive blast, the X-blade shattered into twenty pieces: Seven of light and thirteen of darkness. The blast killed almost all of the Keyblade wielders. It has been said that only a handful of Keyblade wielders survived the Keyblade War and became scattered all over various worlds. They became know as the lost masters.


“Kingdom Hearts, the mysterious heart shaped moon the Keyblade wielders strived to uncover the secrets of, was swallowed by darkness. Other worlds suffered the same fate. Yet even though everything seemed hopeless, there were these tiny specks of light that helped push the darkness away. These tiny specks of light came from the light inside the hearts of children. In turn, the worlds bathed in the warmth of light once more and everyone lived in peace and happiness. The end,” The mother told her children.


When the story was over, the twins yawned. Their mother smiled kindly at them. She walked over to the male twin’s bed. The cold wooden floor beneath her creaked. She covered her son up to his neck with his blanket and gave his forehead a quick peck. She did the the same with the other twin. Their mother pulled the cord on both of the lamps to turn them off. She then walked over to the door and said “goodnight” and ”love you guys” to her children. She closed the wooden door behind her with a creak. As soon as she heard her mother walk downstairs, the female twin drew back the blanket that was covering her and hopped down from her bed.


She propped her elbows on top of the windowsill and rested her face in her hands. As she looked out at the diamond-like stars above, her mind began to wonder off to her mother’s stories. Her mother would always tell the twins stories about Keyblade wielders from ancient times. The female twin was enthralled by the idea that there was thousands of other worlds outside her world. Her brother was more fascinated by the fact that the Keyblade wielders used magic and key-shaped swords to fight. Even so, he had to admit he was at least a little bit curious about the existence of other worlds.


“Kage?” she called to her brother. Said boy sat up and looked at her.


“What, Hikari?” he replied.


“Do you think mom’s stories are true? Do you think Keyblade wielders are real and that each star really is another world?” Hikari asked. Kage turned to me and shrugged.


“I dunno. I hope they’re true,” Kage smiled widely at Hikari. “I could just imagine me wearing some really cool armor with a blue cape waving behind me. I’d use my trusty Keyblade to fight any heartless that would stand in my way. I’d be the one to save the day!“ Hikari giggled at Kage’s childish fantasy.


“Some Keyblade hero you’d make,” his sister said sarcastically. Kage stuck his lower lip out in a sad pout.


“Hey!” he whined. Hikari chuckled at her twin brother.


“You know it’s true. Kage-kun is clumsy,” Hikari teased. Kage crosses his arm over his chest.


“No I’m not!“ Kage argued. “You’re a meanie!” Hikari huffed and rolled her eyes at her brother.


“I was kid-” Hikari was interrupted by the sound of loud stomps and yelling coming from downstairs.


Both of the twins turned their heads towards the direction of the sounds in alarm. The twins glanced at each other curiously. Kage pointed at the door as if he was asking “Should we go check out what’s going on?” Hikari nodded in response. The twins jumped up from where they were seated and tip-toed over to their bedroom door. Hikari carefully opened the door to their bedroom. She looked to the right and then to left to make sure her parents wouldn’t catch the two of them awake. The twin stepped out and started down towards the staircase. They sneaked down the stairs until they could see their parents arguing with each other. The two of them crouched down and peaked through the bars of the staircase.


    …Her purpose is to become an emotionless, anger-fueled puppet not a regular child to be coddled and loved!” They heard their father bark at their mother.


    “I don’t care what her purpose is! That child does not deserve to beaten and pushed around for most of her life! She deserves a normal life with a family to love her!” their mother yelled back.


     She is NOT normal! Nor will she ever be! She has powers that are unlike any Keyblade wielders! Pain and anger are the only things that will make her grow stronger!”


     “She doesn’t need to be tortured in order to gain power!”


     She does in order to strengthen darkness inside her! He needs a vessel with a heart full of darkness! If not, she will be harder to control!”


     “In that case, the deal with your father is off! I will not allow the girl to suffer and I will not allow her to become a puppet in somebody’s evil ploy!” Their father’s face turns from a look of anger to a look that’s scary calm.


     “You have gotten too close to the girl. Your affection for her will get in the way of her progress. I can not allow that to happen. You’ve given me no choice but to get rid of you.” a key shaped sword appears in their father’s hand after he says this. Both of the twins recognize the weapon as a Keyblade. Before their mother can react, her husband stabs her in the stomach. A mix of horror and shock appeared on the twins’ faces as their mother’s body falls to the carpeted living room floor. What looked to be blood seeped out from under the woman’s body and formed a puddle around her. The obnoxious smell of iron began to stink up the air around them.


“MOMMY?!” Hikari yelled in alarm. She rushed over to her fallen mother and sat on her knees beside her. Her brother stood there frozen. Kage practically had his feet glued to the floor. Tears threatened to spill down his cheeks. Hikari shook her mother’s arm with her tiny hands.


“Mom?! Mom?! Wake up! Please, wake up!” she begged. Her mother’s body began to stir. Hope looked weakly over at her daughter. The color was slowly draining from her mother’s eyes and skin. She smiled sadly at her daughter.


“Hikari, sweetie, listen to me. Don’t let anyone steal your light away. Keep it burning strong. You are met to be so much more than a puppet. Promise me you’ll stay by your brother and protect him even if you get angry at him. I love you both very much,” that was her last words before the woman’s body fell limp.

“Mom?! MOM?!” Hikari yelled. When her mother didn’t answer, Hikari instantly knew she had passed on. Unfortunately, Hikari already knew what death was even if she was too young to understand. Hikari’s heart broke at the sight of her mother’s pale unmoving body. The image of those emotionless, icy blue eyes would always be burned into Hikari’s brain. The small girl buried her head in the fabric of her mother’s nightgown and started to weep.

“Oh, Mom…” she sobbed. Kage still stood did there staring at the spot were Hikari and his mother were at on the floor.


‘Mom’s dead…? No. No! She can’t be! She can’t… Who’s going to play with Ari-Chan (A/N: Kage’s nickname for Hikari.) and I?’ Kage thought. The brunette boy couldn’t stand seeing the horrific scene in front of him. He ran upstairs and locked himself in his room; crying just as bad as Hikari was. He didn’t want to believe what he saw was real. He wanted to ignore the pain he felt in his heart. However, it was hard to ignore it. Not only could he feel his own pain but that of his sister’s as well. It was a strange ability the two of them had since they were born.


‘Why would Dad do this to mother? Doesn’t he love her?’ Hikari thought. Suddenly Hikari heard thoughts in her head that weren’t her own. In fact, they sounded like her father’s.


‘I never loved her, stupid girl. She was nothing but a useless distraction from the start.’ her father coldly said to her through his thoughts. The young girl felt her blood boil at his words.


How could you say that about her?! Mother isn’t useless!’


‘Yes she is. Why do you think I killed her in the first place?’

Those words started up an angry fire within Hikari’s heart. She glared up into her father’s yellow eyes. Her own eyes slowly turned from her usual calm blue ones into a blood red. The young girl stood up; her hands curling into two tight fists. Bright yellow, red, and orange flames formed around them. The flames licked at at her skin but they did not harm her. Her father had just unleashed the beast inside of her.




Her father let out a dark chuckle at his daughter’s anger. What the girl didn’t know was that he was doing all of this purposely.


‘You can try, you little pest. You can try.’


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