Dear Ex-Boyfriend

From holding your hands

To kissing your cheeks

I fell deeper.

Every moment.

Every picture.

Every laugh.

From seeing your face

To claiming your heart, I fell deeper.

Every touch.

Every hug.

Every whisper.

From smiling in your presence

To crying in my bed







Your easiest “goodbye”

3 thoughts on “Dear Ex-Boyfriend

  1. I’m so sorry. My ex and I just broke up, so I know how you feel. Love the poem, and I can fully relate. It get’s better darling <3

  2. I know it seemed hard at the time when it first happened, but it’s been a little over a year now at least, maybe even longer, and I hope you are doing well! Keep your head up and don’t stress over the bad things, look for the good because there is good in everything.

  3. Once you’ve hit the bottom; I would look for a new passage in life. Don’t give up on yourself; you’ll meet someone new someday.

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