Our Time is at a Stand Still

Please, tell me, what meaning do I hold,

having abandoned the purpose I once served?

I’m broken, neglected by the world you oh, so adore,

Yet you laugh, blind to my obvious terror.


Being as twisted as I am, I hold my breath,

Now I’m hidden, and nothing can reveal me. Not even the truth.

I’m fragile, but indestructible,

and psychotic, yet unable to loose my sanity.


In this dull, stubborn world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.

So, don’t waste your time looking for me, advert your eyes.

I just don’t want to hurt you, in a world out of someone’s imagination.

Be content with just my memory; as vivid as I was.


Forever spreading, solitude warps my image.

Memories of times we laughed together come to mind,

And I can’t move, I cannot move!

Protect your innocence!

I’ve changed; I can’t go back to the way I was.

If you don’t leave now, if you stay, the both of us will fade.

Breakable; unbreakable – psychotic; unable to go insane.

Go, save yourself!


In this shaken, twisted world, you will gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.

You didn’t listen. I told you not to come looking.

In a trap of darkness someone had set, you now share my shadow,

Now we lie in wait.


For someone else to stumble down our path,

To beg them to turn, run, and keep going,

To tell them that we exist,

Attempting to keep others from being tainted.


Please don’t forget us, don’t forget us,

The only place we survive is in your memory

Paralyzed by how we’ve changed,

In a prison filled with unreachable things.
Our time is at a stand still. 

— Christopher Vanatta

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