A Care-free Childhood

I’m from a big, yellow doll house hidden on a mountain top, in a forest seclusion, with a view of a Neverland look-a-like in Conestoga

I’m from playing pretend Cops and Robbers in my backyard

I’m from refused naps and watching movies containing princesses to monsters

I’m from Mother Nature teaching me the way the world works as I swing

I’m from being mermaids with friends in my pool

I’m from sneaking into my sister’s room and letting curiosity guide me

I’m from forbidden moonlight walks in my enchanted woods

I’m from needing my Bugs Bunny nunny everywhere I went

I’m from lunch everyday at 11:48 am, on the dot

I’m from constant snacking with a remaining petite body

I’m from rough housing to random jokes with my brothers

I’m from two sisters and three brothers

I’m from falsely accused “She did its” even though he clearly started it

I’m from the slight competition of an all artistic family

I’m from the scent of sand castled laundry detergent

I’m from the smell of summer consisting of Hubba Bubba Watermelon flavored gum

I’m from moonwalking in the grass, and putting on mini shows in the living room

I’m from watching my sister play her Gamecube way past my bedtime

I’m from TV quote contests to modeling my brother’s Gaga creations

I’m from my own imagination

Kayla Connelly

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