Life at Home

I’m from the smell of manure from the fields of Lancaster County.

I’m from of my mom’s vanilla perfume as she is getting ready for work.

I’m from the countryside of Lancaster where I’ve lived my whole life.

I’m from creswell park where I’ve learned to love the game of soccer.

I’m from the cinnamon taste of my mom’s friendship bread.

I’m from the delicious taste of pizzelles of my Aunt Dee   

I’m from a brother who pushes me past my limits to make me successful.

I’m from a twin sister who nags me 24/7 and love her for it.

I’m from “think before you do” with every choice I make.

I’m from “do it right or don’t do it at all.”

I’m from the memories that are both good and bad.

I’m from the pictures captured from every soccer club I’ve been on.

Zachary Bailey


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