I’m from Sicily more specifically from Via Corlene Road in Palermo, Sicily.

I’m from prima colazione which constituted of bread with olive oil, vinger, and butter which now makes me sick.

I’m from a place with beautiful mountain ranges, and a sea that is both calm are fierce. A place where the cities are beautiful, but the populace is less so.

I’m from the wheat the Sicilian farmers pick with their bear hands that become bread.

I’m from the sea air hitting your face, seagulls flying around, and the boats coming, and leaving the harbor.

I’m from “If you hurt your family…may you die alone like a dog”. Where hurting your family is seen as the worst offence.

I’m from where that old man wears that weird hat, and we must obey by his religion, and what he preaches.

I’m from a family of self made men, and women who denied social norms. A family where when you say something it gets done one way, or the other.

I’m from a family that is divide on religion some believe in Catholicism, and others Atheism.

I’m from a family where we had to make decisions based on reason, and not emotion.

I am from a family in a far off land name Sicily, and in that far off land I’m a Vespucci.    

Alejandro Morales

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