I am from a farm that lies behind a cornfield on the corner of a quiet street down the road from Manor Middle School.

I am from Penn Manor High School.

I am from candles burning throughout the house that reminds me of family and board games.

I am from Julieta cooking her traditional Romanian food every night for dinner.

I am from morning and night soccer practices that make my legs sore.

I am from moving to Romania with my family and moving back to America in the same year.

I am from  a Christian family and am one myself.  

I am from Julieta, an amazing hard-working woman who moved to America at age 24 from Europe.

I am from family get togethers that involve great food and conversations.

I am from a sister who taught me how to be kind and understanding.

I am from Kevin and his lessons about believing in myself.

I am from daily inspirational quotes from Julie.

I am from late nights spent with my dog Lucy watching TV.

I am from bowls of ice cream topped with whipped cream.

I am from visiting family and friends in New Jersey.

I am from going on shopping trips with friends that involve me spending all my money.

I am from a youth group that is like my second family.

I am from ‘Have a great day!” and “I love you!’

I am from working hard and determination.

I am from the United States of America.

I am from an athletic mind and body.

I am from laughing at the randomest things.

Sophia Hess

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