I’m From Happiness And Love

I’m from cinnamon and sugar running up the stairs.

I’m from tears on a bean bag chair and a lot of Scooby Snacks.

I’m from delicious brown corn and lumpy, white mashed potatoes.

I’m from looking at the planets and stars so there’d be no more crying.

I’m from strict love and kindness from the best grandmother in the world.

I’m from “40” year old Aunt Sandy who we visit almost every year.

I’m from a parent who isn’t much of a father , who supports us whenever he pleases.

I’m from unnecessary sadness and flags and flowers.  

I’m from a hamster named Saturday and a lost dog named Diamond.

I’m from a grumpy old neighbor with a little white pooch.  

I’m from the big, orange moon shining up in the sky.

I’m from four girls and four boys all in one home.

I’m from the neighbors house who is practically family.

I’m from broken bones and stitches and jumping off the roof.

I’m from babies and toddlers whose names I don’t remember.

I’m from cookies and milk and a semi-creepy guy whose name is Saint Nick.  

I’m from watching The Little Mermaid every single day.

I’m from scrumptious banana bread every other week.  

I’m from getting up and sitting at the “boys table” even though that was “wrong”.

I’m from friends that eventually turn into family.

I’m from gorgeous people who are unaware of their beauty.

I’m from queen savages who are just a little mean but I love them dearly.  

I’m from way to many group chats and lots of surprises.

I’m from sweet guys and girls who truly underestimate themselves.  

I’m from love and happiness no matter where I go.

Mary Michael

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