There’s Always Adventure

I’m from twirling spaghetti and slurping it up as fast as I can, so I won’t get spaghetti sauce on my mouth.

I’m from a neighborhood named Lakewood Estates which is in the middle of nowhere.

I’m from a sister who is in Philadelphia making it seem like I’m an only child.

I’m from creek hopping and Crayfish snapping at my fingers.

I’m from four cats giving me a cold and a dog barking at every loud noise that comes in the house.  

I’m from a long trip up to Allentown to see my favorite cousins.

I’m from the freshly cut grass that just came from the running lawnmower.

I’m from “Duuddee” every time my dad and I greet from him coming home from work.

I’m from Led Zeppelin and Nathaniel Rateliff blaring from the radio.

I’m from crossing the woods to meet my best friend Jake at his house.

I’m from the smell of the smoke from the fire burning and staying up until 1am.

I’m from the vast lands of Italy.

I’m from being disgruntled every time the Eagles play.

Caleb Leanza

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