An Empty Seat on the Bus Inspired by Rosa Parks By: Valentina Zamora

All I wanted,

was a seat on the bus.

All I wanted,

was my right.

But like a fallen tree in the woods,

They dragged me out of there without hesitation.


The only right I had,

was the right to remain silent.

But what does it mean to have rights…

If you can’t live them.


Oh how they prefer a sick heart over the others.

Letting people die rather than being a donor.


They give us laws,

In order to break them,

but we break them like a quiet bird on a branch.


Because we make life to enjoy,

instead of enjoying to take life.

Like they did in Mississippi.


We won’t stop until everything done right.

Even if they fight, we’ll fight through the night until…

There is an empty seat on the bus.

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