Who is the girl tied between two wanted lives?


She is not basic, She is not stuck up,

And she does not have everything

She could possibly want.


She sits in a classroom filled

by fluorescent lights

And crowded by desks

But it did not feel real it felt

Like a dream long forgotten.


Her labels were not verbal,

Her labels were silent.

Her labels could be felt from a distance,

The burning sensation of stares

Drilled into her back.


Who is the girl that tries to impress the wrong person?

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A Psalm of Destiny

What The Heart Of The Man Said To Himself


Tell me not, in mournful praying,

Life is but an empty hand!

For the soul is dead that is dying

And things are not what they transcend.


Life is real! Life is earnest!

And the empty mind is not its goal;

Dust thou hand, to dust thou turnest,

Was not spoken of the soul.


Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,

Is our destined end;

But to act, that each Colorado

Find us farther than any dividend.


In the world’s broad field of tyrants,

In the worst of Life,

Be not like dumb, corrupt tyrants!

Be a hero in your life.


Let us, then, be up and doing,

With a heart for any trees;

Still living, still praying,

Believe in destinies.


You are the master of your own destiny. Use your strengths well. They are the keys to your destiny and your success in life. Once you know yourself and take action to realize your dreams, you can unlock the doors to your own potential.

– Neil Somerville

Peter Nguyen

Legacy of King

Washington D.C.

The city of which protects our country

Could not understand

The pleas of the need.

Marching down the streets

Hosed down, and beaten upon

What has the country became

Said the ones who bleed.

We live and die

For the freedoms that have been blessed upon

All of it, gone

When someone wanted to try.

I have a dream

One individual said

That one day this nation

Will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.

One day

One bright and beautiful day

On that balcony

Was when everything became


Peter Nguyen

Reality of the World

There is a world out there, a crazy scary world. I’ve realized in my 16 years of life that life and the world itself isn’t all peaches and cream, the world is a dark place with evil people. Life is a dark abyss and the effects on the world around us just makes it worse. We have people fighting their own countries and countries fighting each other. We cannot win.

Sophie Baumgardner

Psalm of Camping

The thing to do is going to camp

The best time of year is in the spring.

Even though it can get damp

You can even hear the birds sing.


Camping can be a great time

Nature is all around you

It can bring a chime

Camping can bring happiness too


Camping is where fires are made,

Fire for learning and stories.

Camping is for anyone of any decade

From teen to people past their forties.


Camping brings those who are hearty.

It’s a craft for those who like the outdoors

Camping is for anyone even those who party

It is not to be done indoors.

Dustin Shirk

Psalm of Sammy

Tell me not, he’s my best friend,

He’s been there all my life,

I will love him until the end.

I”ll never cut him with a knife.

He’s lumpy and old,

And sleeps all day long.

He’s always told,

That he’s not strong.

He hides behind a chair,

And when he’s bothered,

Which is often very rare,

He gets very awkward.

He’s been alive thirteen years,

And when he goes up to heaven,

They’ll be many tears,

And they’ll even be a procession.

Taylor Lefever

We March Because We Matter

African American Trayvon Martin only lived to see 17 years

It was a normal February evening when Martin went to the store with cheer

In his hand he carried an arizona drink and skittles to the cashier

Little did he know when he walked home that evening that’s not how it would appear

9-1-1 I’m calling in fear, there’s a man in front of me with his hood up and a weapon in his hand

As Zimmerman spoke with great fear, the operator on the other end said sir please don’t go near

Though the operator said this loud and clear, Zimmerman pretended he could not hear

Because the 28 year old man had something very different planned

Not long after that Trayvon Martin was dead

He was gone before anyone knew it with just one shot from Zimmerman

Of course his father had no idea what was ahead

But when he called the police he found what was so disheartening

Not far after that the community got together

Just to start a great movement known as black lives matter

It is not a movement of a violent actions

Just one through peace from marching through counties

Because of you, Trayvon Martin, we are trying to change the world so everyone can see that

Not only whites nor blacks but instead everyone deserves peace


Nasheyla Greggs

Retirement Letter

Dear other people’s opinions,

                        I do not wish to continue my relationship with you.

                        Your are abusive.

                        For so long I have tried to fit into a mold to please you,

                        But not anymore.


                         I do not care about you anymore.

                         You sucked away my happiness when I thought about you.

                         You caused my stress and anxiety.

                          But not anymore.

                          I’ve learned that I’m different.

                          I don’t fit into your stereotypes.

                          But that’s okay.

                          Because I’m going to do what I want.

                          When you’re not in my life,

                          I feel happy.

                          Stress and anxiety slip away.

                          I am truly happy now.

                          So good-bye and good riddance.

                          You’re not in my life anymore.

                          And you’re not going to make your way back in.

                          I guarantee it.

                                                                    Liz Lyter


The metaphysical moon crouches in the murky obsidian of space.  A celestial orb surrounded by lurking darkness.  The pale and somber sphere lives in an eternal monotonous and mournful macrocosm.  Her realm has her roped like a hostage to an inexorable earth.  She’s pulled like a dog in a never ceasing, never changing rotation. Bruised and battered by craters, she hides behind the Earth’s shadow most nights. Precarious, fluctuating through phases.  With a cryptic dark side not shown, but romanticized by tiny beings with flesh and bones.

Lacrosse game

Sprinting on the field to get to your position.

set up the draw to start,

the ref blows the whistle.

You hear your coach yelling, “win the ball!”

You get the ball and sprint down the field,

pass it to your teammates.

Then score.

You hear the crowd to wild,

and the joy of happiness.

We won.

Alexis Hemmerly

A Psalm of Autism

  Tell me not in mournful numbers,

This is probably not what you expect.

  This is not a life for one who slumbers,

Your house will probably be wrecked.

  This is a puzzle! You have to wait until all the pieces fit,

Try not to focus on all the tantrums.

  You won’t have anytime to sit,

Some children may even see phantoms.

  These children are a gift,

They will teach you how to love.

  Your life will surely shift,

But these children are a blessing from above.

  You probably won’t believe me,

But they sure will make you see.

  I believe all parents will agree,

This is a happy life for them and for me.

Cheyenne Ressler

Myself ; Yourself (2 in 1 poem)

                              I’ll walk by myself,

                                                       Talk to yourself,

                       Eat by myself,

                                                     Dream by yourself.

                                         In this rusted cage, 

                                                         Love yourself.

                                        Since such a young age,

                                                       You are insane,

                                     I rely on myself,

                                                    Of course i’m insane!

                                    Always by myself,

                                                       You are yourself,

                                    Trying to be myself,

                                            Peace and love within yourself,

                                     Loneliness within myself.

Brooke Gutshall

Equal Pay

USA Women’s National Team stood up for women’s rights.

They will always put up a fight,

Through their great talents on the field they always unite.

Their victories are highlights.

Equal pay is what they want, it’s an unfair trap.

They hope for a victory will help close the gap,

Not just in sports so they put on a thinking cap.

They want all women to have equal pay that’s a wrap.

There’s a long history of athletes battling their employers for more pay.

It happens in the NBA.

This isn’t just child’s play.

Women are serious and just want equal pay.

Look at the stats,

they aren’t being brats.

It’s just a fact!

They deserve equal pay in this working class.

Madison Groff

The Life of a Darrenkamp’s Cashier

Tell me not it’s only 8 o’clock

To my cash register I mope in

Customers have the eyes of a hawk

“Oh good are you open?”


Tell me not it’s only 12 o’clock

“You look bored, you were waiting for me”

Words like these make me want to bang my head on a rock

“Oops I scanned this twice, can I have the key?”


Tell me not it’s only 2 o’clock

People’s voices coincide with the register’s blip

The lines aren’t long, I’m really in shock

“I’m sorry ma’am but we don’t have the chip”


Tell me not it’s finally 4 o’clock

That’s my last customer, so it’s time to take flight

Time to be free of this ugly blue smock

Time to turn off my light and checkout for the night

Hannah Gerberich 

Escape from Arkham Insanity

Tell me not, in mournful numbers, that Dr. Quinzel is ready to see you

Life is but an empty dream! You beam

For the deal soul you view

And things are not what they seem.

Life is real! Life is cruel in Arkham Asylum!

And the grave is not its goal;

To thou joke, to escape from the silence

Was not spoken of the soul.

Not normal, and not heroic,

Is our destined end or way;

But to act, that each to-morrow

Find us farther than child’s play  

Laughs are short, and the punchline is fleeting

And our hearts, though forceful and brave

Still, like muffled drums, are beating

Funeral marches past Wayne’s’ grave

Trust no Future, howe’ever Puddin

Let the dead Past bury its dead!

Let ivy reflourish the garden!

Sessions over Quinzel said.

Julivette Torres

A Psalm of Cats

Tell me not, that you hate cats,

For they provide the love you crave.

Saying that their gaze falls flat,

When they look at you like a slave.


For cats can give you something you’re missing,

Like the feeling of them knead your blanket,

Their soft tongue when they start kissing,

And the look on their face when you feed them a banquet.


Cats can love as much as dogs,

Trust me, you’re going to have to see it.

Unlike those endless fetch games with hogs,

Cats can really beat it.


Even though some have said,

That cats only love you on their time,

They would love to curl up with you in bed.

And that is why cats are so sublime!

Anna Page

A Psalm of Roxy

Tell me not, you dislike a dog named Roxy,

She means the world to me!

Her squirrel hunting is very moxie,

I cannot seem to let her be.

Her colors are white and black,

She has small pointed ears;

She likes cheese curls as a snack!

Her age is 12 years.

At night she sleeps on my bedroom floor,

I like to take her on walks in the evening!

When she needs to go out she waits by the door;

As she sleeps during the day it seems like she is dreaming.

When she gets excited she starts to howl,

During a thunderstorm she starts to shake;

When she stretches she seems to bow,

When she is sick my heart aches!

Tristin Musser

A Rose

Standing tall,

She was just like the roses she grew

A beautiful creature,

But with thorns that could cut you to pieces.

This was her revolution.

A quiet one.

A peaceful one.

She never meant for this…

I don’t think so at least.

She was always so peaceful,

Always so independent.

Yet here so many now stand.

Out on the streets.

Blocking squares and markets.

All because of a rose.

Michala Harvey

A Psalm of Wrestling

Tell me not, in mournful number,

About Hard work and Pain,

The mat isn’t where people go to slumber,

I’ve been there once and I’ll be there again,


The battle for points and pins,

Takedowns and the great stand up,

The war on the mat begins,

The second you step on and get closeup,


The whistle blows and your adrenaline pumps,

You start to run the bar and are in a tee,

Then you get rolled and have bumps,

Your nose bleeds and you can’t see,


Through all the blood, sweat, and tears,

You’ve worked your heart out and to give up never,

Your pain allows for you to gain respect from your peers,

Because pain is temporary but the pride is forever.

Anakin J. Cox

Picture Heaven


They were watching

Waiting for a miracle

Time was slipping by

breaths become shorter and raspier

She takes her last glance at her mom’s beautiful blue eyes

Her eyes of innocence stare

Eyes start to water

hands start to shake like an earthquake

Her heart stopped as she took her last breath

Pictured Heaven

Maddy Groff

The Beasts


The Beasts live almost everywhere these days,

but they are not native to their homes,

for before they rest they have to raize

some weaker creatures’ biomes.


The Beasts have many different arms,

which are used to hurt and kill,

Though sometimes its Their own they harm,

for hatred, vengeance,or even the thrill.


everywhere these creatures go,

violence will surely follow,

destruction is always in tow

because their hearts are hollow.


The things will hurt and kill,

that much is clear.

often under Someone’s will

more often out of and fear

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Inside My Head

Through the night and the day

I think if I should stay

Or if I should just move on

I think about how I was

And how I have changed


I think do they really care

Or do they act like I’m not even there

Do they see me as a friend

Or a person to just ignore


I have feelings that I hold inside

That make me want to hide.

There used to be a smile

Now all they see is a frown


I have thought about what life is

Now i know what I would miss

If i was gone i would not see

All the beauty that surrounds me


Life is too precious

To give up hope On this life

I can make it seem

More than just


Dustin Shirk