Categories are used to define the genres found on Penn Manor Expressions.

1.  Poetry – use your own style and share your personal poems: Haiku, Sonnet, Abstract, Limerick, Epic, Free Verse…

2.  Essays – express your point of view or share a memory in a short written piece

3.  Short Stories – create a short work of fiction that tells a story

4.  6 Word Memoirs – summarize your life – or someone else’s – in 6 words; no more, no less. Hemingway’s famous 6 word memoir is – “For Sale – Baby shoes, never worn.” Create one for yourself, a celebrity, a literary character, or just tell a story. The only rule is it must be 6 WORDS!

5.  Anime – create a story in this popular form of Japanese animation and share a story of adventure.

6.  Audio – music or spoken word – sing a song you have written or read a poem or short essay and attach the file to share on Penn Manor Expressions!

7.  Video – use a link to attach a video on to share your story, song, dance, etc.

8. Words To Live By – short words of advice or simply comments on life