Hi my name is Decim, and I’m in charge of deciding who lived and who dies. My job on this earth is to sort through the waiting list of people’s demise, some may say. By doing this I determine whether or not someone’s death will affect the world around them in a negative way, and if that’s the case I will take it upon myself to grant the person in question a longer life, so they can continue living their role in hanuman society.  It’s not always I get to Lengthen someone’s life though. Most of the time I have to take it. I guess that why humans call us Gods of Calamity.

 Being a God of Calamity is hard. Humans think we are emotionless voids sent to earth to take souls. While some of our older Gods may be numb to the action, in actuality Gods of Calamity are just like humans. In fact we are recycled human souls. We get the souls of the humans that have committed great sins in their lifetime. While some Gods keep the personality and ethic of their human soul, many loose it and take on their own as centuries pass. I am one of those Gods and I do not want to be a God of Calamity anymore.

Riley Flaherty