The metaphysical moon crouches in the murky obsidian of space.  A celestial orb surrounded by lurking darkness.  The pale and somber sphere lives in an eternal monotonous and mournful macrocosm.  Her realm has her roped like a hostage to an inexorable earth.  She’s pulled like a dog in a never ceasing, never changing rotation. Bruised and battered by craters, she hides behind the Earth’s shadow most nights. Precarious, fluctuating through phases.  With a cryptic dark side not shown, but romanticized by tiny beings with flesh and bones.

Scariest Sound

You are walking in the woods with your best friend at night. Then from about thirty yards away you hear a woman scream followed by a gunshot and then dead silence. What do you do? Run in fear, or face your fear.

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Alex Scheivert


You sat there motionless. I was watching you with all interest, wishing I knew what you were thinking. I thought about you, about how soft your lips would be as we kissed just once more. You were pale, but you lacked no perfection. I though about the first time we met, and how I stared at you in utter shock of your beauty. Now, Miss, I know things are going to be different, but I suppose I’ll have to keep going, right? I held your hand one more time and softly kisses your cheek as they closed the lid to the coffin and lowered you into the ground.


There once was a fish named George. He lived in a pond that had a little creek filling it at one end. One day it rains and rains and rains then boom the water starts to move and he gets swept away. When he wakes up he is in a creek with some green slime that is coming out of a pipe. He lives there for some two or three weeks and dies from radiation poisoning.

Morning Walk

I was simply just out for a morning stroll when I see a rooftop and it looks very inviting. I sneak through the back of an old corner store where they sell discount cigs. I find a set of stairs that takes me to the top. I inspect the area and walk over to the edge of the roof, spot another rooftop a little ways down. I then load up my energy, back flip onto the other roof, hopped off of it and went on with my day.