A Collection of Random Thoughts

                    “Always expect the worst out of things                     

                                 so that in                                   

           case the worst       

           occurs, you were

           ready for it.

           If the worst

            doesn’t occur,

           then you will be

           surprised and

            happy when the

           situation turned

out to be better than you thought it would.”



        something doesn’t go the

   way it was                    planned

   or how                        somebody wanted

  it to, someone they know will say, “get

over it, life isn’t fair”. But if that is said to

 everyone, shouldn’t        that mean that life

 isn’t fair to anyone?        If life isn’t fair to

 anyone, everybody        gets the some

unfairness.. Doesn’t        this mea that life is fair?.”


“If you are   supposed to           treat people

the way you    want to be        treated, then

why do people    harm each        other? Does

that mean        they want           to be harmed

back?  If you      ever want          to harm someone

in any way        shape or              form whether        

it is physically,      socially,        mentally, spiritually

, or emotionally,       think that   you are asking

for the same         thing to be  done to you.”


Myself ; Yourself (2 in 1 poem)

                              I’ll walk by myself,

                                                       Talk to yourself,

                       Eat by myself,

                                                     Dream by yourself.

                                         In this rusted cage, 

                                                         Love yourself.

                                        Since such a young age,

                                                       You are insane,

                                     I rely on myself,

                                                    Of course i’m insane!

                                    Always by myself,

                                                       You are yourself,

                                    Trying to be myself,

                                            Peace and love within yourself,

                                     Loneliness within myself.

Brooke Gutshall


I’m from the suburbs of Lancaster,PA.

I’m from a small brick house in a peaceful neighborhood.

I’m from wasting more time on YouTube than I should.

I’m from the mountains,staying in a worn out cabin.

I’m from penn manor middle and high school.

I’m from the Death Star just trying to keep the emperor happy.

I’m from gaming for 60% of my day.

I’m from skate shops and stolen skateboards.

I’m from rock and roll, dubstep, and anything but country.

I’m from using an unnecessary app to text.

I’m from too much Mcdonalds and Two Cousins.

I’m from not liking to write stories,essays,or poems.

Zion Keagy


I’m From Happiness And Love

I’m from cinnamon and sugar running up the stairs.

I’m from tears on a bean bag chair and a lot of Scooby Snacks.

I’m from delicious brown corn and lumpy, white mashed potatoes.

I’m from looking at the planets and stars so there’d be no more crying.

I’m from strict love and kindness from the best grandmother in the world.

I’m from “40” year old Aunt Sandy who we visit almost every year.

I’m from a parent who isn’t much of a father , who supports us whenever he pleases.

I’m from unnecessary sadness and flags and flowers.  

I’m from a hamster named Saturday and a lost dog named Diamond.

I’m from a grumpy old neighbor with a little white pooch.  

I’m from the big, orange moon shining up in the sky.

I’m from four girls and four boys all in one home.

I’m from the neighbors house who is practically family.

I’m from broken bones and stitches and jumping off the roof.

I’m from babies and toddlers whose names I don’t remember.

I’m from cookies and milk and a semi-creepy guy whose name is Saint Nick.  

I’m from watching The Little Mermaid every single day.

I’m from scrumptious banana bread every other week.  

I’m from getting up and sitting at the “boys table” even though that was “wrong”.

I’m from friends that eventually turn into family.

I’m from gorgeous people who are unaware of their beauty.

I’m from queen savages who are just a little mean but I love them dearly.  

I’m from way to many group chats and lots of surprises.

I’m from sweet guys and girls who truly underestimate themselves.  

I’m from love and happiness no matter where I go.

Mary Michael

They Don’t Know About Us/ The Fighter

They Don’t Know About Us

They don’t know about us

The love hidden behind closed doors

The secret love letters

The I love you’s and goodbye’s

They don’t know about us

The silent conversations across the room

The unbroken promises kept

The need to stay in the unknown

The want to have a special bond with only them

The thought of what he thinks when he looks at you

The constant connection that hold you together

The prevention of fights through instant communication

All that goes on between us yet they don’t know about us

Our love is only ours therefore it shall remain unknown Continue reading

I’ve Grown Tired of Trying to Change for You

      She looked at him, at his green eyes and that mouth that she would have done anything to turn into a smile.  She shook her head, smiled this little smile like she knew some crazy secret and whispered,

     “I would have loved you, you know.”

     She said it so quietly she wondered if he hadn’t heard, but she knew, she knew with all of her that she had, he had heard.

     He blinked.  Once.  His eyes, she realized, weren’t a candy apple green.  They were the woods in the summer.

     She smiled that smile and shook her head again.  She laughed a small laugh.  “I’m sorry.”  She turned away, wanting so badly for him to say, wait, I would have loved you too, there’s still time.  But she knew that he wouldn’t.  She knew there wasn’t any time.  She had wasted it all on watching him smile that day, when the sun came through the window in the empty room, turning his eyes into the most beautiful things she had ever seen, and he had laughed when she had left and her friend had taken a picture and showed her and she vowed she would make him laugh like that again.  She wasted it that day, the day she realized that she liked him, she had wasted it making a promise to herself she couldn’t keep.  And here she was, a month later.  There was no more time.  But she knew she wouldn’t take back that day for anything.  She knew he would never like her but she had something of him.  She had that memory of his eyes and they way the corners of his mouth turned up.  And that was enough, whatever it was worth, it was enough.

     She walked away.  The cold wind bit into her cheeks, but for the first time, it didn’t bite into her bones.  She didn’t look back.

     And he watched her go, her brown hair swinging down her back, and he wondered what she could have meant.  What he had just lost.

Where I’m From

I’m from a place that remains unknown.

From the dangerous,

dynamite explodes so close to

where my brain is.

Where violence

radiates across the plate;

I touched the edge of neglect

and taken away by the state

8 months before my birthday cake;

this curse is fake;

these nerves they shake

the curved surface like an earthquake.

I’m from a place

that you will never smell.

My mom’s forever in jail.

Clovers are clever but stale.

I’m from a place where the older

always know that you fail

not to open your heart,

because you opened a realm

that’s full of monsters and creatures;

filled with piled promises.

No time for old families

with filed adoptions.

—Chris Sherts

Spring Time

Spring time is the best time of the year


Even when the bugs give me fear


When the pollen moves quick,


It makes me feel sick, but

spring time is the best time of the year.

Quick Message From The Editor

Hey guys, it’s 128271. I just wanted to say real fast that those last two poems beneath this message, the ones that made me have to stop and re-read them to make sure my mind didn’t just trick me into thinking such an amazing work of writing just appeared on my screen, were done by a person by the name of “Toby Holsinger”.

She needs your help. She managed to get into a competition called the “Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award 2014”. Her book, called “This I Know”, is in the running to win this award. If you could take sometime and help her out, go to “http://www.christianpublishers.net/14votes“, and vote for her book. It’s about halfway down the page and has a green cover. You don’t have to vote for anything else if you don’t want too, but to vote you must provide a name and email address as well as what best describes you at the top of the page, just to make sure you are a real person.

That’s all I wanted to say, and thanks for taking the time to read this.



Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 9: New Recruits

Jason let out another scream. “Help me!” Jason yelled. The creature growled in Jason’s face. Its breath smelled like rotten eggs, gasoline and fire. Jason gagged. “Somebody get me down from here.”

“We’d better hurry,” Xavier said. He sprinted off towards the creature.

“Wait… Xavier,” Issac called. It was too late. Xavier was already running full speed to the creature. Issac shook his head. “Let’s go after both of them… I guess.”

Xavier cautiously approached the creature. “Hey! Let him down you over-sized, dinosaur, fire-breathing monster… thing….” he yelled. Continue reading

The Best Medicine to be Invented

The best medicine that could ever be invented would be the cure for diabetes. Everyone always talks about curing cancer, but diabetes is just as deadly as any other thing…but no one really cares about the diabetics anymore, its always about cancer…not that i don’t care about cancer..it is very deadly..but diabetes needs a cure too. Diabetes can take your life at any moment just as cancer. Diabetes can take a limb, your sight, your sense of feeling..is that not just as important as a cure for cancer…the best thing I could ever ask for is a medicine that could cure my diabetes…its the worst thing anyone could ever have..i wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy.. Every day is a running battle, everyday you’re running to save your life. Everyday I have to wake up, take an injection and check my blood sugar.. if I didn’t do that everyday of my life my blood sugar would sky rocket, i would end up getting extremely sick, end up in the hospital, being in the hospital for that long could end up leading to a diabetic coma too. I’ve been in the hospital for 2 weeks straight..it was 3 years ago.. My blood sugar was almost 900, my ketones very large..i was bedridden for the whole time…acid then leaked into my bloodstream and it is now the reason my calves have an aching feeling all the time, the acid in my bloodstream ate away at some of the muscle in my legs because my blood sugar was so high. I almost fell into a coma and was borderline kidney failure. I am thankful today that I am even still alive. So..to me .. the best medicine would be a cure for diabetes

One Word to Another – a creative writing exercise

Light bulb
Manuel labor
my dog

road apples
my dad
my aunt
Family work

blood banks
dumb movies
hate hockey
rap music
lil wayne
icebox killer
my mom

–Kaitlin Harrington


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