“The clothes you wear and the people you talk to do not determine who you are. Do not wake up in the mornings and dress to impress anyone but yourself. Everything is temporary- and even though most of you don’t like to admit it, so are the people you’re surrounded by everyday in these hallways. Your life is just as important as everyone else’s, but yours is your own priority. Put yourself first sometimes, it’s okay, I promise. Respect people. Be nice to everyone even if you want to throw them off the planet. Travel- meet people, explore, experience. Maybe even learn a new language. Your life won’t just be handed to you in most cases. You want something? Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. If you fall, get back up and try again. This is your life, and the only thing you’re going to regret when you’re older is not making it the best it can be. ”

-Stephanie Safran

From Wales

I’m from a goof that is stupidly smart.

I’m from fear of not failing.

I’m from a dysfunctionally functional family.

I’m from “Just go for it”.

I’m from the smell of Mexico.

I’m from the keys of my piano.

I’m from the vineyards of Italy and the football of Wales.

I’m from “Nah, your good”.

I’m from Wayne Wesley Wales or W3 for short.

I’m from “Forget about the past, and keep moving forward”.


Falling Snow

Snow falling is a pleasure to see

but what looks innocent can be

dangerous just like you and me

then you swerve and meet a tree


The snow still falling numbs the pain

and on the ground you have been lain

the hope of living is the main

just wishing it would not rain


To the hospital you’ll be carried

and to death you will be married

to death’s request you tried to parried

but soon you still will be buried


A Drink Too Many by Leah Robertson

I heard about a girl at my school that got into an accident. I didn’t know her very well but I know she had an entire life ahead of her. One stupid mistake could end your life. I wish now she knew how much it wasn’t worth it. Just a few drinks ended it all. I’m not going to say, “I wish I could have gotten to know her better” just because now I don’t have the chance… but I do wish I could have said something that would have changed her mind or made her realize how much of a mistake it would be to drink and drive. She had friends and a family who cared about her and she left them. Even though I didn’t know her, I’ve seen people at school who have been affected by her passing. She was too young and is going to miss so many things she could have done or seen. She was going to graduate next year, she should have been able to grow up and have a husband or possibly a wife and had kids. She could have grown older with her childhood friends and shared many experiences with them, shared so many laughs but one choice, one stupid choice took all that away from her so fast. She should have stopped and took her life into consideration and the other peoples lives that were on the road, she could have taken them from their families, again because of a choice that could have been so different if she would have thought and not just lived in the moment. As much as we all would love to live in the moment and not have to think before making a choice, we do and it’s to avoid situations like this. Kids being taken away from friends and family for things that could have been prevented. Having teenagers aware of how dangerous just one drink is while behind the wheel of a car is so crucial. Not even just teenagers, everyone.


Unrealistic ego crushers,

Self esteem destroyers,

Leading you to the depressing truth of your worth.





Affected, but I will.

It’s inescapable



You think you won’t fall victim to the harsh reality

You think it is pathetic

The definition of weak

“I will rise above”

But you won’t

You can’t

Life is designed this way

All will eventually fall short

A bleak future is among us

You may alter it, if you dare

Most will crash blindly

Unsuspecting of the destructible thoughts

They will find you

The choice to fight against natures will, is yours

–by Angela Wood

Advice to the World

Don’t judge people upon their appearances or their actions. Who are you to determine what is normal and what is just. People that may be strange or abnormal could be a personable and sociable person. And to people who do bad or uncivilized actions, purposeful or not, should not be tied down and shunned for what they have done. Overlook and forgive their follies and comfort them. In the end it will create more peace than war. Now this is for the exception of people who are truly evil. Ones who deliberately hurt, kill, or otherwise be a hinderance to humanity should be avoided, forgiven but avoided. You do not want the influence of evil or darkness affecting you in the end, or otherwise influencing you to follow or mimic their actions and becoming wicked yourself.

6 Word Memoirs


Line drive deep left it’s gone


Time flies

People need to make it last



Sometimes its just not worth it


Step Brothers

Grown men still live with parents



Single father always tries his best


The Conch

The simple of civilized human beings


Listen to your parents
They’re always right
Even when they’re wrong
Don’t count every calorie
Work them off instead
Leave your house once a day
Only if its to get the mail
Don’t depend on too many
Not everyone will be around
Keep hand sanitizer in your
You don’t know what you’ve
Touch or who touched it
Try and learn another language
It will be handy later
Compare yourself to others
Only to improve yourself
Go to work and work your hardest
You will be rewarded
Sing in the shower even if you stink
Your family likes a good laugh
Be open with people
You have to trust someone
If not you’ll get no help
Don’t get too jealous
Other people mean nothing to you
You are your own person
Stop wearing make up
Stop straightening your hair
It needs to breath
Just as much as you do
Take a bath here and there
Your body has been going all day
Let it relax for 15 freaking minutes
Please learn to love yourself
But honestly listen to your
Mom and dad
You need them
They need you

-Taylor Phillips


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

You see yourself. So when you ask,”Who am I?” realize the answer is standing looking at you in the mirror staring back at you reflecting an exact appearance of you like a twin.

Just be yourself! Not to the extent where you become an individual but where you become a part of something.

Family and friends get you through life and they love you because you are who you are. Don’t act like others or become something you’re not. Your life is not a movie so there’s no purpose to acting.

Be loud and proud but not too loud people are pushed away to avoid your ambitious ways. Be loud enough so your voice is heard, so your and opinion are heard because your opinion matters.

We live long lives and although friends and family come and go, people are met and pass, remember that they’re always with you and the reason they stuck to you, the reason they liked you, and the why they’ll always remember you like you will them, is because you were you and that’s all they asked for.

A cliche? Maybe, but the truth.

–by Richard Shultz