Who Am I Today

“An event that has influenced my life and made me who I am today is art. The first time I picked up that pencil and started drawing, I knew I was and what I would be in the future. Ary is my life, art is what I live for. It brings peace to the mind and creativity to the soul.

Art makes me happy and frees me from my mind.”



A crisp blanket of snow tucks in the frost bitten grass

The tear of an icicle plummets to the ground

In the resplendent moonlight, the crystal specks twinkle in the white sea of snow

Each glazed flake with its only shape, inaudibly falls in a haphazardly fashion

The wind whips across the aesthetic meadow

Creating waves of misty powder

Brushing my chilled cheeks

In these moments, beauty becomes tangible

—by Kelsea Grumbling

Look At Her Eyes



Picture link: http://www.marieclaire.com/cm/marieclaire/images/1z/mamie-0511-8-mdn.jpg

Look at her eyes.  They look of despair, sorrow, of nothing.  Look at her hair.  It’s going in opposite directions, like it cannot make up its mind.  Now her mouth.  It’s a plain thing, but if you look at the corners of it, her mouth is trying to smile. But about what?  She is remembering the struggles it took her to go from a happy, carefree child to a young adult. That’s where you find out the truth about the world. The truth is there are things in this world that are scary, unfair, and just make no sense, but she will find a way to understand them. And maybe one day the corners of her mouth will turn up into a big smile because she found happiness in the world.

By Olivia Vassot


Art Is a great way to express yourself. You could paint a picture of beautiful rose petals connected to the delicate stem using soft pastel colors. You could make the canvas come alive with abstract lines jumping out with bold acrylics. You could take a close up photo of the coarse whiskers on a kittens face or a landscape of the sunset over a river. You can feel the creativity rushing through your veins like adrenalin. We are all visual artists in our own way.
I don’t think that every person is unique in their own way; I believe that every person is amazing in their own way. A partner awaiting them, fitting in like a warped puzzle piece. You cant forget that opposites attract like sugar and salt that spark the taste buds. A puzzle piece, smack dab in the middle showing a loud cobalt blue, could pair with the pale dusty pink of a corner piece.
Every single person has a different perspective on the world, on people, and on life. You could see your hair blowing in the rearview mirror or settled on your face as you look deep into the mirror within your room. You can see art In your eyes, soul, and heart. You can use your hands to sculpt clay. Making a your expressions 3D.
Music is also an amazing way to express yourself. The sound of the high hat and floor tom, with the bass in between is awesome. The low stings of the bass make a current that flows through your heart. A smooth voice can pure, the sound washing away your thoughts. Let the fusion of the music lift you off your feet. Music can go through your soul like its part of you.
Last but certainly not least, there is writing and poetry. You can write down your thoughts and feelings in a diary or on a lonely sheet of blank paper. Instead of stuttering with words, let your brain power flow right to the page. The text can just drift out of your mind, making it practically effortless. Let writing express your feelings.

Sabrina K