This is Me

People see me as Etsub,

A girl like a flower that bloom.

Knows what she wants and go out to get it;

These opinions became a habit.

I tell myself every day, you are perfect;

All these lies I didn’t see the effect.

No one would believe,

If I told them the real me…


I am a girl that is lost trying to find her way around,

Still searching for a common ground.

When I say I got it just disappears,

One after another all these years.

They tell me Etsub you are amazing;

I tell them that it is not surprising.

I have experienced all facets of life,

I can possibly think of.

I try to fly freely like a dove,

Cause all this thing I need to get rid of,

But always fall short,

Guilt, sorrow, anger, sadness,

I try to leave all in his presence…

~Estub Tolossa

Take the Time to Breathe

I hope you take the time to get away every once in awhile

Because happiness can come from the slightest smile

I hope you take the time to lose yourself in a book

Or in the woods behind your home even just to look

I hope you take the time to ride your bike in the sunset

Looking at the beauty of nature and that is it

I hope you take the time to sit on your front steps and count cars passing by

Or lay on your roof and gaze up at the twinkling night sky

I hope you take the time to cruise along backroads with the windows down

Listening to nothing but the rushing wind sounds

I hope you take the time to be alone

Enjoy the time with yourself and turn off your phone


From The Bottom

I am from a broken home.

From where it was just my two brothers, my mom, and I.

I am from times where we wouldn’t see our mom two through three days at a time.

From watching her work double shift after double shift after double shift.


I am from run down apartments.

From where basketball courts have either bent rims or ripped nets.

I am from where most people didn’t go to school.

From where I had to take two public buses to get to school.


I am from where people always say it will get better but it only worsens.

From a big city but it seemed like everybody knew everybody.

I am from where the good dies young.

From where it’s common for the parent to bury their child due to violence.
I am from the bottom but that does not determine where I’m headed!

This Generation

You can’t be yourself because of what this generation has people thinking.

People don’t understand that it’s okay to be different.

It is never a bad thing to do what you feel is right .

If you feel the need to not fight, then don’t fight.

If you don’t wanna spend all your money on a new pair of jordans, then don’t .

But sadly, some people won’t give you credit for that, they just won’t.

People are gonna be jealous of you because you ain’t letting this generation make you into what this generation is trying to enforce.

So in reality, will people talk about you to your face? No

Will they talk about you behind your back? Of course

It’s like if you don’t do what they like, then they call you rude names.

Sometimes you have to be coach and learn to control this generation’s games. 

— T.C 


She Had Said

Life is fun, she had said,

A smile kissing her lips with innocence

Blind to the reality of greater war

Giggles and energy frees from her


Life is scary, she had said,

Millions of new faces crowded around

Expectations had to be met, or else

But Daddy was always there for her


Life is stupid, she had said,

Rumors spread like flu, just as crippling

Nights were spent up, days were spent drearily

Maybe, just maybe, rest would lay ahead

Life is unjust, she had said,

Tears fell, darkness dressed her for the dreadful night

Sickly faces crowded, peering at the still man ahead

With evil on the spree, blood boiled within her


Life is joyous, she had said,

Hats thrown; Freedom peeked around the corner

Celebration commenced; He sat on the mantel

This time was for joy, not sorrow

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When Time Passes

Wasn’t I just an infant? Crying in my mother’s arms and receiving all sorts of attention?


Wasn’t I just three? Crawling and walking everywhere to feel big?


Wasn’t I just five? The days of heading off to kindergarten and the excitement rushing through me?


Wasn’t I just seven? When the playground at school was the best place to play?


Wasn’t I just nine? When I acted as if I was a princess and the world revolved around me?


Wasn’t I just eleven? The whole year I had the same double digits?


Wasn’t I just thirteen? The “cool” teenager who needed to text and have a good amount of friends?


Wasn’t I just fifteen? When all I wanted was to turn 16 and have bigger opportunities?


Am I now really seventeen? Going to college in less than two years and becoming an adult? 

— Meghan Onderdonk 

Different is Good

I am unique. What I think and what I value is what makes me, me. If I lowered my standards and morals, I would just be going with the crowd; I’d be losing my individuality. If I started caring about what people think of how I view life, I would be giving up on myself. I am confident, independent, and I don’t need anyone’s approval. I am different. Different is good.

I’m From Sun and Rain That Never Has Been Tamed

I’m from a house of seasonal smells; from autumn leaves, to pine cone trees, to summer breeze.

I’m from a little town called Columbia on busy 5th and Union where the sounds of sirens surround us.

I’m from a mom of many years and a step daddy after a few.

I’m from a couple of brothers and just one sister.

I’m from the lands of Ocean City Maryland with the waves that hit us.

I’m from fun games and silly play from back in the day.

I’m from watching music videos to learn to make my own.

I’m from my annoying little brother, always trying to top us.

I’m from writing in my journal because I never really had a fellow.

I’m from variety of tastes because my mom swore she was Rachael Ray.

I’m from looking up at the sky asking for forgiveness on my lies.

I’m from never knowing, but continuing to keep going.

I’m from putting others before me.

I’m from depression that taught me a very big lesson.

I’m from never letting go and saying to myself “ you got this for sho”.

I’m from a little big mouth that always liked to shout.

I’m from a girl that never was understood, but everyone seemed to know me.

I’m from learning to survive by myself because really, I have no one else. 

— N.G 

“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”

The little blonde hair brown eyed girl always loved to stare at the moon and stars.. She was always so fascinated by them and how endless the sky seemed to be at times. She looked at the moon yearning for the day her father would return. She always knew wherever her dad was he was looking at the same moon and stars she was. He would call every night they would talk for hours, he would ask what kind of moon it was each night and she would always answer. Tonight it was a crescent moon. That was her favorite part of the day talking to her father. It was when she was happiest. He told her that night he was coming home that weekend. She was so excited she couldn’t wait for her father to come home so they can sit outside and look at the the stars and moon together.

Atticus’s Closing Speech

“I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system- that is no ideal for me, it is a living, working reality”

I choose this line because everyone had their own input on the works of the court. Atticus’s word choice was quite worthy of my own thoughts. I’ve never been able to satisfy my thoughts on the court system. Atticus does say it is a living, which of course, is totally truthful. Many people understand the way the court system works but do not agree, which is exactly what Atticus is saying here.


When I was Little

When I was little I looked at life differently.

When I was little the worst thing you could do was lie to your parents.

When I was little losing a crayon was the end of the world.

When I was little the scariest thing was when the lights went out.

When I was little my parents could do no wrong.

When I was little the only thing I worried about was losing my stuffed animal.

When I was little monsters weren’t human.


I’m not little anymore.


Can You Hear Me?

I’ve still got a long way to go,

before I can return.

I long to go back and finish the things

I’ve left behind, unfinished.

I was to be on a journey

to secure my ongoing dream.

Yet I falter over simple stones

while treading the pass of looming boulders.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the present days.

I’m just yearning for the sky I once loved.

I don’t pull a sad face as if I’ve fallen victim,

as if I want the pity.

I laugh at the fear,

Can you hear me?

Tears aren’t the answer to my problems.

My cheeks refrain from glistening.

I stand, waiting in the labyrinth of emotions,

unable to see the exit.

I want to live in peace,

Just like how I dreamed it.

Why do I keep running,

from that thing called reality?

I’m screaming,

voice breaking,

up towards the weeping clouds,

Strewn over the soaked grass of the field

I shut my eyes, volume increasing,

Can you hear me? 

— Christopher 

A World Full of People

I am from being born on January 25th, 2000.

I am from going to not having a neighborhood to living next to a bunch of new people.

I am from Lancaster, but recently moved to Millersville.

I am from parents who are mixed with Italian and Swedish.

I am from my mom Robin and my dad Kerry.

I am from my grandma who although we are not physically close; we are close by the heart.

I am from a family name that has gone from De’ Clerico to Clerico and then to Hansen.

I am from a family who is obsessed with a reality tv show called Big Brother, that we have gone to the level of calling each other Frootloops.

I am from a mother who makes great tasting mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes.

I am from a family where we pick and torment each other, but of course it’s out of love.

I am from a witty father that knows I like to be the first, so he always tell me, “You can be first after me.”

I am from a world where my memories stay in my mind.

I am from a local dance studio called Willow Street Dance Steps.

I am from a group of amazing friends that anyone would die to have.

I am from a world that people do judge books by their covers.

I am from a world where not everyone is perfect, but they normally try to be.

I am from a world where I try to make my life the best it could ever be.

I am from a world where I live no regrets.  

— Kayla Hansen

Math, Math, Math

On average an American student will spend 40 hours a week with their teachers.

Mathematics is the most stressed subject in schools.

Why are we not teaching them the most important lessons they need in life.

Instead we are teaching them to;

Memorize information,

Apply that information to a standardized test,

Forget that information to make room for new information,


Except here’s what I have found-

Mathematics are not going to help me become a better person.

Mathematics are not going to help me make friends.

Mathematics are not going to teach me that I am worthy of my own love.

Mathematics are not going to teach me that I need to be kind to everyone.

Mathematics are not going to teach me that I should take care of my body because it is the only one I will ever have.

Mathematics are not a life lesson.

Sure I can use mathematics on a daily basis.

But mathematics are not the core of the mind.

I do not calculate the average of how much time it will take me to make friends with the new kid.

I do not calculate the time it will take for my once best friend to turn on me and hurt me.

You will take basic math.

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

You will take algebra.

Pre algebra, level 1 algebra, level 2 algebra.

You will take geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics.

You will be encouraged to go even further into mathematics.

But you won’t be taught that self respect is vital to your own happiness.

You won’t be taught that respecting others will in turn earn yourself respect.

You won’t be taught that friends are sometimes temporary.

You won’t be taught that not everything is going to work out in the end.

You won’t be taught that there is always hope.

You won’t be taught that it is not okay to harm yourself.

You won’t be taught that trusting someone could save your life.

You won’t be taught that standing up for others could save a life.

You will be left to learn these on your own.

The adults you spend 40 hours a week with for 12 years of your life.

Drill in information into you that you most likely won’t use in 2 years.

Some of us make it.

Some of us don’t.

— A.P