The 2-Seam Fastball

From my list of pitches that I selected I choose the 2-seam fastball. I picked this one because its one of my absolute favorite pitches to hurtle off the mound. The 2-seam fastball is a deadly pitch that cuts away from left handed hitters and comes in on right handed hitters. The feel of when this pitch slides off my fingers gives me an outstanding chill of accomplishment. Even though it doesn’t have a lot movement, the speed of the pitch is also the key to success. Most pro baseball players use this pitch because it racks up hundreds of K’s. It moves sideways not down and it confuses a bunch of good hitters. The grip is simple but, it takes practice to understand how to increase movement. It’s an unbelievable set up pitch and a great put away pitch. The 2-seam fastball is in the same exact family as the 4-seam fastball but, the 2-seam has acute movement. The most important fact about the 2-seam is that it’s extremely reliable and won’t fly away from the catcher a majority of the time.